I got a phone call from my agent on Thursday that my husband and I got bumped. We booked with a travel agent, completed our Fun pass- the whole nine yards. We had booked 3 Cat 8a guarantee cabins. This was supposed to be our 8th cruise with Carnival and was disappointing due to the fact that my father in law will not fly. Our agent said the letters about being bumped are going out Friday. Carnival did give us other options after I climbed the supervisor ladder at Carnival. My father-in-law is starting radiation treatment for prostate cancer in November, and Carnival helped us to work around the treatment dates. They actually put us on an earlier cruise on the Legend out of New York which gave us an eight day cruise instead of a 7 day. They are paying for our motor coach to New York and $100.00 per cabin on-board credit. My husband and I are happy with the way Carnival handled the situation due to the fact that we leave 10 days sooner, and really need the vacation. Hope it works out for anyone else who gets bumped. We were really looking forward to leaving out of Baltimore as we are only 20 minutes from the port, but this is better than not cruising at all.