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Can anyone give me any information about inoculation certificate for boarding on the ship. We are leaving Seattle going through Canada into Alaska. I called the doctors and they said we don't need any shots, which i really knew that, but what about being up to date on your shots and do you need this inoculation certificate to get onboard. It says all guess have to ensure they are medically fit for travel. We live in the United States. Thanks for your help! Linda
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No you will not need such a certificate for your cruise. What this really applies to is that there are some places around the world where you are required to take a yellow fever vaccination and when the shots are given the authorized medical personnel note this on a certificate which you take with you on the cruise. That is not applicable here.

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Thanks to everyone for your help! We sail Sept 4th to Alaska, on the infinity. Our first cruise and really excited! Linda
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Have a great cruise. Don't stress with some of the things that first timers read. I've been on 61 cruises and only once have I had to present an inoculation certificate--and that was only because our cruise visited Kenya before going to Brazil.

The whole issue of being medically certified fit to travel doesn't mean anything unless you're pregnant or undergoing certain medical procedures. For those who are pregnant, cruise lines don't allow women who've entered their 24th week to cruise.
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You don't need any, but it isn't a bad idea to get an International Certificate of Vaccination booklet and have your doctor list your shots. We keep ours with our passports.
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We have done quite a few Alaskan cruises -- never had to show that we have had any kind of shots.
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You probably should update your tetanus shots especially if you are doing any shore excursions. Never know when you can get a scratch or some
other kind of "nasty".
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You guys jsut reminded me to call my doc and see if I need any shots for Central America. Thanks.
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Originally posted by marshhawk
You guys jsut reminded me to call my doc and see if I need any shots for Central America. Thanks.
Depending on your itinerary --- IF you are visiting any South American countries BEFORE hitting Central America (for ex. Brazil) --- and your
ship is stopping at Costa Rica --- you may need a Yellow Fever shot.
Best to check with the Costa Rica Consulate --- you can send them a
email --- we were on a 46 day cruise around South America and stopped
in Costa Rica on the way home. Yellow Fever Certificates were required
for all passengers exiting the ship for shore excursions or to just walk around. You will need to get these at an International Travel Clinic -- your family doctor usually does NOT stock this vaccine. You will receive
a yellow "International Vaccination" booklet that also must be signed by
your personal physican. The shots are good for 10 years, I believe.
If you are over the age of 60 and have significant health issues (for ex.
heast, diabetes) --- you can be exempt BUT you still need to visit the
clinic to get the booklet stamped and your doctor still needs to sign it. Take a
letter on his letterhead stating why you should be exempt. With certain
cruise lines --- if you DO NOT have the proper vaccinations prior to
boarding --- you will NOT be allowed to board the ship. Not a great way
to start your vacation.