Got a call from the DW, who is travelling solo on this cruise. She arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday and checked into the Park Hyatt in the recoleta district in Buenos Aires. This is a very expensive hotel in the "Bevery Hills" of BA.

The first thing she was given at the check in desk was a paper warning of all the dangers in BA. The paper said, don't carry any original documents, don't carry any cameras, carry the minimum amount of cash, don't wear expensive jewelry, don't take public transportation, if you must take a taxi, beware of getting counterfeit bills as change, place any valuables in the safe at the hotel. There were warnings about thieves on motorcycles, who grab cameras and purses, and a warning not to put up any resistance to muggers.

As a retired airline exec., who often traveled to the far east, middle east, europe, etc., I have never heard of anything like this in a major world city. The worst I can remember was to watch out for pickpockets at the Eiffel Tower.

Is Buenos Aires really this bad, that the first thing you get at your hotel is such a strong warning about crime?