My kids are nature fanatics and my 3 year old daughter has her heart set on visiting Antarctica someday. For all the Lindblad/National Geographic Explorer veterans, what age(s) for children would you recommend for the Antarctic expeditions? I'm thinking 7 years old would be the youngest age the kids could focus and appreciate an expedition like this one. Any opinions are very welcome. My kids aren't the typical video game playing kids - they love Nat Geo/Discovery Channel on tv and will watch animals for hours at the zoo, in the wild, etc.

Also, what is (without getting terribly personal) everyone's total trip budget? I like to have all the costs lined up in a spreadsheet before committing to a trip so my husband and I don't get sticker shock and can properly enjoy a trip (without feeling nickeled and dimed).

I'm estimating (with the 25% discount for two children) that a 4 person, 14 day trip with Lindblad/National Geographic Explorer to the Antarctic would be approximately $50,000. I'm padding the airfare in this estimate (but hoping we can use some/all frequent flyer miles) plus padding the spending money budget to round up to $50k.

Any recommendations on cabin choices would be welcome too. If there are connecting cabins (or suites that can accommodate 4 people), we would book those. Otherwise, we'd have to reserve two cabins with one parent/one child in each cabin.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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