So, you've been hanging out on Cruise Critic for a very long time, right?

And you've made lots and lots of friends -- maybe you've even cruised with them a number of times?

Are you currently chatting with them all in an OLD ROLL CALL THREAD?

Do you all hang out in one spot on Floataway Lounge? Have you found a group of people who LOVE cruising and are like you in so many other ways as well? Are you all from Pennsylvania or Ohio? Do you all like cheese?

Is it becoming VERY hard to follow conversations because your thread is huge, and many people are talking about different things often at the same time?

Then, a "Friends of Cruise Critic Forum" might be just the solution!

Who is Eligible for a Friends of Cruise Critic Forum?

Any non-commercial group of Cruise Critic friends may request a forum of their own. (Please no group cruises booked through any agency).

How Do I Request a Special Forum?

Simply send an email to LauraS at [email protected]. Please have one person per group write at the onset; this person will become the contact for the group.

Do Posts in Friends Of Forums count towards Total Post Counts?

Yes, they do! (Unlike posts in Floataway Lounge).

What Happens to Our Existing Thread in Floataway Lounge or the ROLL CALL forum

We'll be happy to move your existing thread to the new forum. an added benefit is that posts from Floataway will be added to everyone's existing post count.

Are Friends of Forums visible to Non-Members?

No, the post subjects and content is only visible to registered Cruise Critic members.

Anything else we need to know?

Since Cruise Critic is all about friendships and inclusion, all "Friends of" forums should be open to all Cruise Critic members. Cruise Critic's Community Guidelines will apply, with the exception of "off - topic" discussions, of course.

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