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I've heard the 2% bounced around various times...the % of cruise critic members that are on any particular cruise ship.

Just wondering where that number comes from....anybody know ?
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Originally posted by RetireeWannabee
thin air
likely a good bet
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We've had probably less than half a percent of CC'rs at a meet and greets. The largest I attended was probably about 30-40 ppl total. On that sold out ship it was still less than 2%.

I think the 2% number is more a likely number of cruisers who have heard about Cruise Critic. Not all of them attend the M & G, I know I've skipped a few for various reasons.
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I did 2 long cruises last fall. Both had over 5% of passengers. On a trans Atlantic this spring it was near 3%. I have 3 cruises booked for this fall and each so far are under 2%. A lot of people just read CC for info and are not interested in meeting others, especially on 7 day or less, so if they don't sign up for the meet and greet wthere is no way to know about them.
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2 % seems about right.

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Haven't joined any Roll Calls or gone to any Meet & Greets in a couple of years.

But one we did go to had about 70 people who were CC members out of about 2000 passengers Noordam 2008). That is about 3.5% which I think is very high
. The other Meet & Greets that we attended on the same size ship had about 8 of us there.
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Last fall we had over 70 on our roll call and the Quest takes 650 passengers - well over 10%. I think much would depend upon the cruise destination. When more information is needed, more go looking. Many people looking for private tours would lead to more on the roll call.
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On NCL Jade, Feb '09, we had around 130 pax at the meet and greet (over 2000 pax).
On Ventura, June '10, there was around 26, from roll calls on CC and a British site, who combined for their meetings (3200 pax).
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It seems like our longer and more interesting itineraries have had many more from CC than seven day Caribbean cruises. I think there were over 100 at our last TA Meet and Greet. On a Western Caribbean cruise we had less than 20, and a Bermuda cruise had zero - well, two if you count us.
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Our experince has been the opposite -- more CC people on our 10 day cruise -- that was the one were we had 70 members. And very few on our 21 day repositioning cruise.

On a Hawaiian 15 day cruise there were just 4 of us.
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Cruising is a wonderful way to enjoy retirement!
Stopped counting a few years ago -- have done over 140 cruises.