I posted this on the Lindblad boards, but I thought I might get some additional info here.

My mom is taking the family on a trip to the Galapagos this summer. We are beyond thrilled, but our youngest will be 2. (Almost 3)

Does anyone have any tips, either from personal experience with the age group or just experience with the trip, that they can think of? Our girl is an awesome traveller, very mellow and flexible, but she's still a toddler.

For example, I was reading a review that said that no snacks were allowed on the islands. Makes total sense, but I never would have thought of it if I hadn't read it, and it's kind of nice to know those things going in.

I'm also concerned because we are just working on toilet training, and I'm thinking we will have to go back to pull-ups for off the ship time. (Maybe pull-ups over a diaper? We might have to play this one by ear, as, by August, she might be able to go 3-4 hours without a potty break)

The other concern I had was that we love hiking and normally take her in a back-pack. Are there hikes that involve hands and knees scrabbling (hard to do with babypack) vs just rough terrain? For context, we've hike multiple 12-15 mile days with her in England, but never on islands.

She'll be really good about sitting on our laps on a Zodiac, she puts up no fuss at all wearing an infant life preserver, but, are the landings rough enough that you would be nervous handing off a 30 lb child?

It looks to me like many excursions leave very early (great!) and you have to come back to the ship for lunch. I'm sure we'll altnernate staying on board with her for naps.

Anything else I'm not thinking off?