While we were away at dinner, our steward cleaned up our room. Not sure how they know when to come if the guests have anytime dining. They did it every night though!

We changed and then went to Big Screen trivia. Tonight's theme was Name That Star. It was extremely hard!

We stuck around for Game Show mania. The first group they had up on stage didn't know anything! They did a second group and my husband got picked. He ended up winning us a ship on the stick the very first night.

I have a video that I'll try to link when I get it uploaded.

After the game show, they did the Welcome Aboard show. It was the exact same as the Carnival Dream, but was still interesting. I like to go so that I can see the entertainment staff. That way I know who they are later in the cruise. One thing that bugs me about the Welcome Aboard show is when they throw the beach balls out into the audience. I noticed that it knocked over multiple drinks. I would be ticked if a beach ball knocked over my $8 drink.

We went back to our room to relax for the evening and someone knocked on our door. My DH answered it and it was a waiter with a room service tray. We thought that he had knocked on the wrong door, but then he said my name. It was a gift from the cruise director Stephanie. It had a note with it saying that she hopes we have a fantastic cruise and if there is anything she could do, to let her know. I'm still not sure why we received this, but it was a nice surprise. The chocolate covered strawberries were absolutely delicious!

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