Port of New Orleans Closing

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Nixa, Missouri
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Has anyone heard any news or rumors about the possibility of the Port of New Orleans temporarily closing due to the rising Mississippi? They said the river should crest in New Orleans around May 19. I've read a few things saying they could close the River from Baton Rouge down to the Gulf as early as this Monday. We will be cruising out of New Orleans on the Triumph in about 3 weeks(June4) and I'm wondering if this is going to effect us at all?
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Richardson, TX
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3 weeks is a lot of time for things to change. I think there is a 4 pm news conference which is going to discuss who gets flooded when they open some flood gates tonight.

I went thru Vicksburg on my drive home and the water was so high, they could see ships where they couldnt before from the rest stop. said the levy was in back of the property.

I would turn on FOX or CNN will probably have it live too at 4 pm.
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Not sure how much things have changed in the past few years, but we were sailing out of NO and the river got too high so they sent us to Gulf Port, MS by bus and we left from there. That was a few years back though when they first started cruising out of NO so don't know if that would be an option still.....
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Lake Charles,LA
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The Army Corp of Engineers is opening spillways today to alleviate the flow of water in the Miss. River before it gets to New Orleans. This should keep the river from getting high enough to close it to ship traffic. If your cruise is in June, the river will be back down whether it got too high or not.
New Orleans
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They are not closing the Port of New Orleans. They are opening a spillway North of New Orleans near the Baton Rouge area. They have already opened another spillway closer to New Orleans to put water into the lake. The Triumph was in port today and NCL will be coming back tomorrow.

Closing the port of New Orleans will be a total last resort. Closing the Port will close the city Millions of dollars.
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Richardson, TX
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Originally posted by Jules7226
Not sure how much things have changed in the past few years, but we were sailing out of NO and the river got too high so they sent us to Gulf Port, MS by bus and we left from there. That was a few years back though when they first started cruising out of NO so don't know if that would be an option still.....
Iv heard 5 different reasons about this closing ..none of them was because of the high river ... seems everyone heard a different story.
Pearl, MS
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New orleans is only supposed to crest at 2 inches above flood stage. should be no port problems
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Yes, they opened one of the spillways today.
The area affected is supposed to take on enough water to put thousands of people's homes under 20 feet of water (at the worst).
These people are having to move their households so the least they will lose is the house.
What about those that cannot afford this kind of upheaval?
First Katrina, then the oil spill.
How much more can these people take?
From what I saw pre cruise last January, NOLA could use another flood.
I was shocked re the filthy streets and undesirables in the Quarter.

Amite River, Port Vincent, La.
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Closing the Miss. river will be based more on the speed of the current even if it does not reach the max flood stage. Vessels have to be able to maintain a cruising speed greater than that of the current in order to navigate. Right now the U.S. Coast Guard has set a minimum speed for vessels traveling the Miss. river at 10 knots. The Triumph has a cruising speed of 23 knots. So It should be ok to go. However I heard the first 360 degree turn around in N.O. is rather tuff, The Triumph listed 8 ft while manuvering the turn last week. Hey if you can handle that and the first curve, you got it. It will be like going down a very long river plunge ride at Disney!
East TX
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We are leaving NOLA May 30 on triumph. Hope we still get to leave NOLA, I have never cruised out of that port, but at the same time I am so sorry for all the people losing homes and possesions to the flooding.
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My travel agent said that the cruises will not be affected. They are talking of closing the river due to the possibility of a barge hitting a levee. They will use a tug boat to guide the ship if they need.
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Raleigh NC
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On another thread, someone reporter that the current was going to be 18 knots. Not sure if that is true but if it is, that will close the river. Hope it works out ok for everyone.

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Topeka Ks United States
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We are leaving out of there the same day. We have been watching the News and staying on top to see too.
Happy Sailing...
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I heard a Port Authority being interviewed on WWL Radio in New Orleans this morning (5/16/20011). He said that due to the spillways being opened, the river will not crest any higher than 15-17 feet. It would have to get to about 18.5 feet to close traffic. He specifically said that the cruise ships would not be affected.
Lancaster, TX USA
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Originally posted by firefly333
Iv heard 5 different reasons about this closing ..none of them was because of the high river ... seems everyone heard a different story.
Conquest was moved to Gulfport temporarily when the River was up & power lines were too low. Power lines have since been moved.
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I'm plagarizing a man on Carnival's forums who posted this Saturday:
This is part of an Article on Nola dot com....
On Thursday, Ed Stanton, Coast Guard captain at the Port of New Orleans, said at a news conference that vessel traffic around Algiers Point, Port Allen Alternate Route and Baton Rouge had been restricted and enhanced mooring regulations had been in place for a few weeks.
“I will likely take action to restrict navigation on the river further when the river reaches 17.5 feet on a rising gauge at a Carrollton Gage, from Mile Marker 240 to Mile Marker 55,” to allow daylight traffic only, to require tug assistance around Algiers Point and to require captains to remain on board their vessels, Stanton said.
He said that unless the river rises to 18 feet and rising on the Carrollton Gage, he doesn’t expected to further restrict deep-draft vessel traffic.
Have no fear folks, cruising in New Orleans won't be halted during this... It MIGHT mean you can only travel in daylight hours thru the river, but all that is going to do is make Carnival leave on time right at 4pm, and do it's best to avoid any delays.. THAT is a GREAT thing! You'll be traveling MUCH faster downriver, since the current is so strong. The ship will need to move fatser than the current in order to be able to steer, so you'll be moving almost twice as fast as normal.. That 8 hour trip downriver to the gulf will now only take, maybe 5-6 hours....

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