Freedom of the Seas-Western--1100+ pictures/video-July 10, 2011 sailing

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Thanx for the great review. Can't wait for the next installment. A special thanx for the menus. We have Chops already reserved, but after seeing Monday's menu may have to change it.
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Thanks for answering my questions! And kudos for the great reviews. I especially love the menus and the pictures of what you ordered. I find myself picking out my food, and then when debating over one or two entrees, the pictures help me judge portion control! I now know I can add the seafood brochette to my filet of beef lol!
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Loving your review. I hope I get to see all of it before I leave Friday for the Freedom on Sunday!
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Day 12 -- Tuesday, July 12

Cruise Day 3 -- Labadee, Haiti

Today's Compass.

We had asked our cabin attendant yesterday to switch pullman beds for Ry. I was hoping maybe the bed over top of my side of the bed would be quieter...and it was! He wasn't happy on that side, as he couldn't lay in bed and watch tv then....but, I was happier not hearing his every move during the night!

This morning we woke up at 7:30 to the sound of the gangway ramp being put out. Turns out this was right directly below our room. So, if you want to sleep in (on port days), this is probably one room you don't want! If you needed to be up early (like we do on Thursday), this is a welcome 'wake up' call.

We didn't need to get up quite so early, so we lounged around in bed and slowly woke up. We finally got up about an hour later and headed for breakfast at the Windjammer. We probably got to the Windjammer around 9am or so and had a nice, leisurely breakfast. There was no packing breakfast up on us this morning. Plenty to eat. Make sure you find a table before you get your food. If you get your food first, by the time you wander around looking for a table, your food could cool off. We'd always find a table first and someone (usually me) would have a seat while the others went for their food first. The system worked pretty good for us. Also, after you fill your plate, put another plate over top of your food. Helps keep it warm.

After breakfast, it was back upstairs to change into swim duds and head ashore. Randy & Ryan had an 11am waverunner tour. They needed to check in at 10:45 for that. We headed off the ship, and by now there wasn't any crowd or line. We scanned our cards and walked toward Labadee. It looked beautiful and we had a beautiful day! We took some pictures before checking in for the waverunner tour because we were early. Our family, our son...who was still tired apparently. Some random pictures: a local boat, a fountain, a pathway up the hill, the ship, another picture of the ship, another fountain, directions on Labadee and some tunes to set the island mood.

We decided to check in because there wasn't any lines. We were a bit early and sat and waited to be called at 11:00. They called the 11am tour into the room for the safety video first. You always have the little talk about how to operate the waverunner, how to do it safely, basic rules of the water, etc... After the 'chat', it was time to get lifejackets on. Unlike years ago when my husband & I did this on Coco Cay, the driver now wears an additional vest. This vest has handles on the sides for the passenger to hold onto.
Their actual departure was more around 11:15am. Waverunner pix: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Here are some of the pictures Randy captured from his video from their tour: 1, 2, 3, 4, this was a local boat selling goods out there, and starting to head back, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

After they left on the waverunner, I decided to roam the island and take some pictures. I passed by that fountain again! I decided to head to Dragon's Point Lookout. The sign posted was informative and it was easy to find...just go by the end of the zipline! I walked around and came across the entrance to the Lookout. I climbed up to the point, taking pictures along the way. Here are some of the sights from the path up to the Lookout Point: literal end of the zipline, the beach and the cafe.

Pictures from the Point: 1 and 2.

I was all by myself up top at the Point. It was very quiet except for the water you could hear...making the 'dragon breath' sound. I thought it was neat and enjoyed about 5 minutes there alone. Before I left, I took video and many pictures.

I checked the time and it was almost 12:15! I figured the guys would be back from their waverunner tour and I had their flipflops! I started to head back.

I decided to take the 'road to the right' path. I didn't know where I'd come out, but it seemed to head in the direction of the ship (where I needed to go) along the coastline. This turned out to be the 'scenic' route back and it was pretty empty. Most of it was an easy walk and downhill (of course).

Some pictures from the way back down: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, looking back at the Point where I just was, 10, 11 and 12.

Walking along the coastline had some beautiful scenery and it was a quiet path...I didn't come across but a few people on my way back. Here are some pictures from that walk: the ship, the water is just so beautiful, 1, 2. Earlier in the day, I'd seen a party of what looked like a vow renewal (or a wedding). I had to guess this is where that happened. If so, it was a beautiful spot for it.

As I got closer to the ship, I came across a little outcove. There was a bench under a tree there with this beautiful view of the ship.

This was the path I came from. I realized it was near this case you wanted to take the shortcut TO Dragon's Plaza.

After stopping for those pictures and video along the way, I arrived back at the spot where we waited for the waverunner excursion to begin. The guys were there looking at the video Randy had taken while out on the waverunner. I came up behind and asked how it was. They said they had a fun time. That was the first time my son had been on a waverunner. He liked it...a lot!

Video from the day up to this point.

They asked what I did while they were gone and I told them where I went. They wanted to see where I'd been, so we headed to the Lookout Point. A bit more crowded now, but we stayed a few more minutes and then went back down the stairs/path we came up. (didn't take the scenic way down this time)

Our family at the Lookout Point: Ryan at the point, looking beat? It's only 1:30 son! Wake up! Lots more fun to be had today!! A pic with his Dad, his Mom and Mom & Dad together. After a few more pix, we were ready to go. 1, 2 and 3.

We came back down to the beach and took a few pictures. Beach pix: 1, 2, Lookout Point & the 'dragon', 3 and 4. Then we went to the Cafe to get some ice for the bottled water we'd brought with us. While here, we also took advantage of a bathroom break.

While we were over in the Dragon's Point area, Ryan wanted to ride the Dragon's Tail Coaster. While over here, why not? We walked in that direction. Tucked far away in that part of that area, it took a little while to walk to. It was an easy walk though, since they have paved pathways. Not sure what kind of tree this was, but I took a picture because it was pretty.

We arrived at Adrenaline beach where the DragonTail Coaster was. More pix of Adrenaline beach first: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

We turned in our ticket at the coaster counter and signed the waiver release. Randy didn't want to go, so I was going to go with him. Turns out, I sat in the back and ended up being the driver/braker because I was taller. There is a handle in the front of the coaster car for the passenger to hold on to, but when Ryan would hold onto it, he was sitting more upright. You need to know my son is only about 3" shorter than me, so when he'd hold on and sit more upright and I could not see the track ahead of us...just the back of his head! When the worker told him to hold on, I explained I couldn't see (to brake) and he was actually better off leaning back against me. After showing him, he agreed he could lean back and then was nice to take our picture for us.

We started our ride up the mountain. Ryan videotaped our ride while I worked the brakes (and snapped a couple of pictures along our ride). We seemed to be going up forever. Just when we thought we were finished our climb, nope. We continued up.... We finally did make it and had some GREAT views!! Some pix from the ride: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Randy waited for us at the bottom, or end...whatever you want to call it. The cruiseline also has someone there taking your picture. Here we come : 1, 2 and 3.

It was a nice ride down...very curvy. They do warn you where to brake before some of the curves. Ryan really enjoyed it and could have done it again. I don't know that he, or I, could do it all day long over and over, but at least once...maybe 2 or 3 more times would have been enough..... No matter, we had a good time doing it and I'm glad I went! Here is the video of our ride.

After the coaster ride, made our way to Columbus Cove, taking pictures along the way. The island is beautiful and very well laid out. It never felt crowded while we were there. We did see a tram stop, but decided to walk since it was a nice walk.

We had to take this picture. It looks like an apple fell from the palm tree! Kinda rude to have left it there, but now that it was there, our son took the opportunity for a Sir Issac Newton photo op. This was kind of strange in a way, because just last night before the doors opened for dinner, we were reading something on the wall about Isaac Newton (who the "Isaac Dining Room" was named after) and about how the story of him sitting under the tree when the apple fell on his head was a little exaggerated. I wish I'd taken a picture of what we read about him....I just found it ironic to have seen this apple under the tree after that!!

We walked past the market area (with little pressure to buy anything) and once at the beach, I found 2 chairs in the shade (under a palm tree) and plopped our stuff on the 2 chairs. You know I found shade for my dear hubby...I woulda preferred the sun, but I was heading out to the water, so it didn't matter.

It was around 1:30 when we got to the beach area. I checked Ry in at the Aqua Park & signed his waivers. They said to meet at the lifejacket area (he pointed it out to me) in about 15 minutes for instructions. We checked out the Aqua Park from the dock and took some pictures of it and before we knew it, it was time for him to check-in for his lifejacket.

Pix of the Aqua Park: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, emptying out, looking back at Columbus Cove beach 7 from the dock, 8, 9, back on the beach.

He got his instructions and headed down the dock with the group to get in the water for the water park. He went right in and got busy right away. His swim session: 1, 2, he's on the right of the trampoline, him jumping in the middle, 3, him in the center triangle of the slide and 4. Looking back, Randy should have gone with him. I think he would have had more fun with a buddy than just by himself.

After some video of him and pictures, I went to get my floaty mat and drinks for Randy & I while Randy checked out the buffet. He was back before I was! He had missed it. We were so busy exploring the island and doing stuff, we didn't keep an eye on the time and it had already closed for the day. Oh well.....come back another day. Randy said he could wait till we got back on the ship to get something to eat. He enjoyed his beer instead. I wanted a Labadoozie, but the bartender said he'd run out of the indgredients to make it. So, I just asked for some ice (I had water with me) and how much for a souvenir cup? (I have one from CocoCay and I wanted one from Labadee to go with it.) He said he wouldn't charge me for the cup and he'd give me ice in it. I forget how the conversation went, but I just ended up buying a water and getting the cup. I think he charged me like $3.95 or something like that. It was worth it to get my cup...and have some ice water.

I got my mat, my drink, my husband and headed for water. This late in the afternoon, people actually started leaving the beach area! The water was nice and the bottom was easy walking on the feet. (Although a little deeper it was that grassy bottom, fyi.) I laid on my mat and just soaked in the sun. It was so nice...the water, sun, cold drink.....just relaxin..... I relaxed, Randy took pictures. These are shots from the water: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And then I got to take some pictures: 6, 7, 8 and 9.

While in the water, we got a few pix of the boy playing in the Aqua Park. We could have sworn he saw us, but later said he never saw us? We saw a mass of peeps leave the water park area around 2:30-2:45 I'm guessin? We heard lots of people were getting stung by jellyfish and the staff was spraying something on them. Ryan said he didn't get stung though? He stayed the whole time.

Ry crashed on a chair with us when he was done in the Aqua Park. He stopped me from washing ashore while on my mat... seemed the tide was coming in, as I found myself holding on to his chair to keep me next to him!

Seemed he had the last scheduled slot of the day. I thought there'd be a 3pm time, but I guess not because there wasn't another group going into the water. The place seemed to empty around 3pm. The beach, the chairs... We figured the early seating for dinner people were heading back to get ready for dinner?

So Ry was relaxin in a chair in the water, Randy was hanging around and I was on my mat. A couple of kids that were leaving with their folks managed to find a crab and were chasing the poor thing under the chairs. The little boy got a plastic cup from somewhere and managed to chase down and catch the poor thing! Poor Mr. Krabs, he was probably freaking out! After a couple of pictures, he let him go and he scurried under the chairs again. At one point he dug back into the sand in the surf, but resurfaced again. I'm sure all he was doing was looking for some food.....

Around 3:30 we headed back to the ship. Besides being hungry, we wanted to get some pix of Labadee from the top deck before we left.

We ended up taking a different path back to the ship than the way we took to get there (from Dragon's Plaza). Here are the cool pictures from that pathway: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Nearing the ship, still more pictures: the boy, ah....the long walk back, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, see the hottub?, 6, 7, 8, 9, how YOU doin?, in case you forgot where you were, and looking up at the hottub this time.

Back onboard, since we were only on Deck 2 (right above the gangway, remember?) Randy wanted to get a quick shower to rinse off. When he was done, we headed up to the top deck for our pix while Ry got his shower.

Pictures from top deck: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and us crazy kids in Labadee.

When we got back to the room, he was done with his shower and we decided to go grab a bite to eat and then go to the all skate at the ice rink. It was sandwiches at the Cafe and pizza at Sorrento's. It killed some time before the ice skating session started. Pictures of sandwiches: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Pix of some of the cookies: 7, 8, 9 and desserts: cinnamon crunch cake, 10, lemon poppy seed loaf, chocolate chip scones, 11 and 12. The cookie offerings varied at times. They did usually have a carmel die for! Of course chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin...and they did have some sugar-free offerings of them also. This was a popular spot to hit before bedtime. And, they do have little milks there it was cookies and milk for Ryan before bed most nights. And there is beer here too.

After Randy got a couple sandwiches, we went to Sorrento's because Ry wanted pizza. Here's some pix of food from there: 1, desserts and breads: 2, 3 and 4 and salads & etc.

You will see pictures of different things throughout the trip....same the pictures I've already taken. But, I just walked by and HAD to take the picture. Like the Cupcake Cupboard, nobody there, great shot. So if I was walking somewhere, chances are, I'd snap a picture just because. Besides, who doesn't like pictures?

It was near time for the ice skating session, so we left for Studio B. Along the way, a picture of the Champagne Bar.

We checked in at Studio B and signed up for the skating session. Tip: if you want to go, make sure you go early and sign up for that session you want. They only allow so many skaters. We did this our last day and by the time we got there, the session we were going to go to was already full, so we signed up for the next session. You can leave and come back once you've signed up, but, if you are going to skate, try to do the whole session. (Particularly the last day) some people came and skated for like 10-15 minutes and then left. It's a 45 minute session and some people were turned away because it was full. I felt bad for those who couldn't get it because of the kids/people who wanted 10 minutes on the ice. And, helmets, long pants and socks required. If you're like me and get chilly easily, bring a lightweight jacket too. They have elbow and knee pads, but they are not required. And, the ice is chippy and awful (because of the figure skates) and the skates haven't been sharpened in don't expect great skates.

But, we had fun and we were proud of Ry. My boys had fun horsing around is Dad comin in for the check into the boards. And this is the pic of my son & I. He hadn't been on skates in a while and he did really well! I know it's from being older with a stronger core (from years of taekwondo) and having better balance because of it. Matter of fact, within a week of being home, he and his Dad went ice skating and he did even a little bit better.

We were there till they closed the session. To our surprise, they even have a mini zamboni. I just HAD to have a picture of that thing! It was smaller than my car!

Here is video up to this point in our day.

After our skate session, as we were leaving Studio B, I noticed we were on our way from Labadee. I took this picture from a window in Studio B. Already crusin' at a pretty good clip! Here is a picture of the On Air club just outside of Studio B. A lot of karaoke and 'Finish the Lyrics' shows go on here. Ryan asked me to take his picture here too...don't even ask what he's doin!

We headed back to our cabin so I could get my shower & get ready for dinner. We were 10 minutes early for dinner, so we went to check out the photos that were taken of us earlier in the day. This would end up being our usual thing...checking out our photos either before or after dinner...since the Photo Gallery was on the same deck (opposite) our dining room.

Menu for tonite: Appetizers, Entrees, Vitality and Desserts.

Tonight Ry didn't like any of the appetizers, or want to try any, so he didn't order anything. He tried Randy's crabcake and liked it so we got our Assistant Waiter to bring him his own and I had the New England clam chowder soup. For dinner we had: slow-roasted double-cut pork loin, chicken breast with seasonal herbs and beef stroganoff.

Ryan didn't care for any of the dessert offerings, but I think there was something going on in the Living Room he wanted to do anyway. So, Randy had the berrymisu and I ordered the orange chocolate parfait. Not that I was all that hungry, but we both wanted to try it. Very orange-y. I felt bad there wasn't anything Ry liked, so we decided to get him a cupcake at the Cupcake Cupboard.

After dinner, we got cupcakes (to go) and put them in our room with a note for Ryan to "DO NOT TOUCH". We were only going to get 1 each, but when I asked what the Special of the Day was, they told me it was cinnamon, I had to get it. Ryan loves cinnamon. We decided to get 1 of those and we'd split it...3 ways!

Randy & I headed to the Promenade to catch the 70's Dancin' in the Street party. We ended up standing in front of the Cafe and it was convenient when Randy wanted a beer during the show! It was a lot of fun and Graham Seymour (cruise director) was funny! He was especially funny when he had to climb onto the roof of Ben & Jerry's to retrieve a wayward beachball. While he was up there, he knocked on the neighboring cabin's window & ran.... What a riot! It was a good show with dancing, the Village People, had a 'love train' going, doing the 'brickhouse', dance tunes from the 70s...

Some pix: beachball in the crowd, here too, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

It wasn't a long show...maybe 30-45 minutes or so. Here's some video of the fun.

After the show, we went back to the cabin. We were surprised Ryan was already there.

We had our cupcakes with some milk (I picked the milk up at the Cafe after the Dance Party). I'd say the cupcakes were pretty darn good, but probably not worth $2.50. But, I wanted to try one, and I did...try 1. Although, I found myself in there just about every day...checking out the cupcake/special of the day and taking pictures. Remember that one we were going to split? Hard to do if you don't have a knife!

After cupcake snack, we were relaxin' and Ry got ready for bed. Good thing because he fell asleep watching tv. Randy & I gave him a kiss and he woke up just enough for us to tell him we were going to go out and about the ship to take some night pictures. He was okay with that and went back to sleep.

Some pictures: H20 Zone, here too, the pool, and here too. The Solarium, the hottub, Windjammer entrance, Promenade pix: here and here. The travel agency (or whatever they call the place to book your next cruise), yet another pic of the Promenade, looking down at the end of the Promenade, Pharoh's Place (I actually never made it IN here!), and we poked our nose into an empty Arcadia theater.

After ship pictures, we went outside to just sit and relax. It was a beautiful night; the moon was out and we sat at the helipad for awhile just taking in the warm breeze (surprisingly, it wasn't all that 'windy'...just breezy.) We tried to get a picture of the moon reflecting off the ocean, but with a point & shoot camera, you can only do so much.... (and it was cloudy, which didn't help). Here are some of the best pictures he could get: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Not enough light for a good shot of the front of the ship, so we put the flash on...kinda weird?

After a little while there, we figured we'd better head back to the room. Taking some more pictures along the way. The Schooner Bar, the Arcadia theater again, a quiet Sorrentos, looking up at the decks from the Promenade and a picture of the car in front of Vintages...since nobody was around. And, we noticed, after 12-1am...this ship was empty! Not sure if it's the 1am curfew, but the Freedom is QUIET at night!!

It was about 2:30am when we got back. It was okay to be up late tonight. Tomorrow is Jamaica and we don't have to get up early because we don't have any plans for tomorrow.

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2011 FOS Trip Report Review

2012 Bareboat Sailing of the BVI review attached to the end... post #198/pg 10

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Love the review, not a fan of the format, windowns are opening all over my screen, and I keep loosing my place. Is it because I am on a IPad?
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Originally posted by foxesden1
Love the review, not a fan of the format, windowns are opening all over my screen, and I keep loosing my place. Is it because I am on a IPad?
Maybe it is because it's an IPad, from the regular computer, the format is perfect!!!!
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Waiting patiently for the next chapter. Can't figure out how you added your pictures as links like that in the review (I am computer challenged) but I really like it.
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Ryan's Mom, what a great review. I am just lovin the pix in the review and the videos. Sitting here just waiting for your next installment. This is better than waiting for the next Saturday's installment of Flash Gordon. Guess that's way before your time, but what can youexpect from an old toad.
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Love the review! Any chance of you getting these all up by Friday? I have to leave Saturday for our cruise on FOTS and your review is really helpful.

How have you found the food? I'll be honest and say the pics don't look toooo appetizing ... hope it tastes better!

My kids are really excited for the family disco. We had one on HAL and had a blast. Unfortunately, we'll miss it because of the first show. I hope I can keep them up for the 70s dance party.

Interesting about your cabin and the ramp. We had a cabin very close to yours but we traded for an upgrade to Deck 7 forward. I'm hoping the seas are not too rough.
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Yours is one great review! The way your pictures are included in the text makes it all
seamless, and I feel like I'm cruising with you. A do you get a ticket for
the Dragon's Tail?
I just realized why Ryan is in a "pullman" bed. When I was a child and we rode the train back and forth every summer Florida to NY, the beds came down out of the wall. Never
made the association more reason to thank you.
I'm really looking forward to the rest of "our" cruise.
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Am loving this review and all the pictures they are great. Love Labadee and see that it has changed alot since I was there in the mid 90's. We are going there on our next cruise in March, nice to see a sneak preview.
Bye the way your son is a good looking young man, wait till he gets just a few years older. The girls will be chasing him.
Keep up the good work with your review I am loving it.
Sharon I
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Originally posted by ryansmom
Sorry this is a bit late getting started, but I had a LOT of pictures and video to go through first.

I write my trip reports a whole day at a time, inserting the pictures as I go. This is what is SO time consuming.

First...a little background info into the trip.

My son Ryan, husband Randy & I actually flew to Florida July 1st to spend the week with my father-in-law. July 4th is his birthday and we are there every year at that time. My husband's brother also lives in Florida in the Daytona area.

After spending the week at Dad's, we went to brother-in-law's house for a long weekend. (& yes...saw the shuttle launch while we were there)

Our second night at brother's, he decided we'd spend the evening at HIS in-law's home in Winter Springs. A little off the plan, but it was okay, as we see sister-in-law's family every year anyway while we are in Florida.

Our cruise begins from their house the morning of the cruise......

Thank you for sharing and I am excited about going on the Freedom again
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I absolutely love the format of your review. If I was on your cruise I don't think you would find the cupcake cupboard empty God they look good. Is the special of the day cupcake cheaper? I am pretty sure Tuesday will be specialty restaurant night. This is so great, I can't wait to be back on Freedom. You are so wonderful to do this review. Great tan!!
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Originally posted by ryansmom
I'm glad the review is helping most of you.... sorry about the casino/bathroom thing...that is actually in there for a friend of mine....long story.... But, I also write trip reviews for our own memory too. Sometimes when husband is having 'a day' at work, he'll pull up a review and read it to get him thru the day.'s a good memory to have for us also.

Hope to get next day up tonight or tomorrow morning....have that "work" thing to do today
You take the time to post a great review and someone has the nerve to complain about it....just ignore them, there is one in every crowd

Thanks for the very enjoyable, detailed review. And with all the links to photos, that is a great way to get around the limit of 6 pictures per post. Thanks again...I know these are time consuming!!
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Originally posted by maxy35
Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, the way a review should be! ;-) lol
Going on Freedom end of Sep, thats all Frredom class for us now in reverse order, can't wait!!
One thing I'd love to see if you can is the cruise compasses, curious to what's going on just now onboard throughout the day.

Hey maxy35 see you are cruising with us. Come join your fellow passengers on this thread:
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