Just a friendly reminder that any questions regarding or discussion of removed posts and threads should NOT be posted on the boards.

Post removals are at the discretion of Cruise Critic Management and all decisions shall remain final. Please review our Guidelines for further information.

Also, please note the following in the Announcement at the top of all Cruise Critic message board forums titled Have a question about Cruise Critic? Need info on our Community Guidelines? Please write to us at [email protected]:

If you have questions, comments, concerns regarding management of these forums please address them to us at: [email protected] rather than posting on the forums...

An e-mail to the Community Manager is the correct way for all members to get their site feedback, questions, comments, concerns or suggestions regarding board management to the correct place. Posting them on the boards does no good as it is impossible for the Community Manager to read each post on each thread in each forum to see the site feedback, questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

Pease send your e-mail to Community Manager LauraS at [email protected] from your Cruise Critic e-mail address of record and include your user name.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.