Seabourn, Windstar or Oceania for Summer 2012 Trying to determine what cruise ship to sail with this upcoming Summer 2012.

Are choices are: Windstar, Oceania or Seabourn.

Two years ago (2010), my wife and I had a wonderful experience for our Honeymoon on the Seabourn Legend. It was an amazing experience! Last year (2011) we returned back to the Seabourn Legend but found the experience somewhat disappointing (poor service). We believe that since Seabourn launched the Quest... less emphasis and attention was given to the Legend; since it's an older ship.

So for this upcoming Summer we're trying to decide on a cruise line.
Our choices are:
  • Windstar Windsurf
  • Oceania Marina
  • Seabourn Quest
  • Seabourn Legend (give it another shot).

We are in our late 30's early 40's and like the smaller ships that tend to be quieter; but like to meet other interesting people as well. We have met some great people on the Seabourn. It's just our last trip was disappointing... but we haven't given up on the brand totally.

Anyone been on the Seabourn Quest or Seabourn Legend recently? What are the thoughts of the overall Windstar or Oceania experience?

Oceania is a bigger ship and has some great deals being advertised right now. At the same time... I don't want to spend my vacation with kids running around around the ship being loud and crazy. We want to relax, unwind, sight see, meet new people and celebrate the time off.

Appreciate your insight.

Thank you