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Yes, thank you I've canceled the float trip, and have decided instead to take the shuttle to Mendenhal glacier after the dog excursion, hike a short trail, and check out the visitors center (I also have read that there is a place near the parking lot where one can view bears during salmon run season?).
Probably take a cab from there, since you have posted that sometimes the wait for getting on a return shuttle can be very long. Is there a taxi station right there?

Then we will go on an evening whale quest. yay! This way we get 2 whale watching excursions, and maximize our viewing oporotunities I'm really excited about it, and very thankfull for your help! Without your help, we would have wasted a lot of money, and, more importantly, time!
You can wait for a bus or two, during peak times and under tight schedules. You will HAVE to call a cab, there is NO cab line any longer at Mendenhall.
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