Working out while on a Cruise

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I work out at least 5-6 days a week at home. I always go on vacation with good intentions, bringing workout clothes, but it has yet to happen. At home, I typically work out at night, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday morning. I'm not a morning person either. I'll bring my workout clothes again....but we'll see.

If they had Zumba at sea, that may be another story. I do get up early for that at home.
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Originally posted by mostly_harmless
Anybody here actually stuck with it and worked out while at sea? If so, wanna be my trainer?
I am a gym rat at home, and doesn't stop just because I am cruising or a land vacation. I hit the gym on the cruise ship by 6 am every morning. If on a land vacation and no gym available, I get out early in the morning and walk. Might not work out 1 day of a vacation, but that is it.
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So it looks like the consensus is about 5 out of 7 days...I'll guess I'll give it a go...if anyone is on the May 6 sailing of the Allure, come find me. I'll be the one on the treadmill with a beer and a danish.
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Originally posted by mostly_harmless
For every cruise I have been on I have prepared basically the same way. Hit the treadmill, a little weights, and lose about 15 pounds during the 3 months prior to the cruise. Every time I have gotten on a ship I have had the grandest intentions to not let the food and alcohol take me down. I always say I am going to go to the gym every morning...but I never do I have NEVER set foot in any of the gym. So just wondering...

Anybody here actually stuck with it and worked out while at sea? If so, wanna be my trainer?
Combine the party of cruising with the workout. Just do planks and body shots simultaneously.
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I always take the stairs, and we usually book WAY low. Yeah, I've climbed up 9 flights of stairs to get to the buffet, haha. Doesn't bother me.

I ran on the treadmill 3 of the 7 days of our Freedom Cruise. Just maybe 2-3 miles, nothing major. Really interesting to run and see the ocean and feel the boat move when you're on a treadmill going at an 8:00 min/mile pace.

I think I tried a few weight machines too, but I'm primarily a runner anyway. We did so much walking on the islands too, between all of that and the rock wall, I think I gained maybe 2 pounds. I lost them within a week or so of getting off the boat.
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This is an interesting thread. I have lost a large amount of weight in the last two years and still have a pretty good chunk left to go, but despite my success, I have never learned to LOVE to move! I would really like to be able to say I worked out even on my cruise, so based on the responses in this thread, I am going to start working on some realistic goals that I'd like to achieve while onboard. For example, taking the stairs everywhere, walking the track at least a couple of miles several times during the cruise, and hitting a few fitness classes. I'm not really a treadmill or eliptical person so hopefully the activities I'm planning (plus all the swimming, walking in ports, and dancing in the clubs) will help keep me on track! Can't wait to find out!

(And if by chance I don't manage to do all that I wanted to do, activity-wise, I will vow to get right back on track when I get home and NOT beat myself up about it!! Most important!)
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I have never used the gym while onboard, but I always take the stairs and never use the elevator. This alone provides alot of exercise. I also walk the track around the pool each day and normally walk deck 4 around the ship several times a day as well. If you sail on a large ship then you shouldn't have any problem getting your walking in. Good luck!
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