Hi, my husband and I are booked on the Epic for our first ever cruise. We have just upgraded to a minisuite balcony, cabin 8064.
Has anyone stayed in this cabin? We really are hoping it is a covered balcony as I understand that many on deck 8 are not. I have asked on a couple of other threads and someone was kind enough to point out the deck plans. However, I just don't seem to be able to figure out if its covered or not by looking at these. Does anyone have any pics of that side of the ship that would show our cabin????
I've read that we will be looking down on life boats and that really isn't an issue to us, but having others look down into our balcony isn't very exciting.
As I mentioned this is our first cruise, we are celebrating 25yrs of wedded bliss this august, so this trip is our gift to one another.
Any info or pics of Cabin 8064 would certainly be appreciated.
Thank you!!
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