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Have I interpreted your earlier post correctly, in that we cannot get a few hundred dollars exchanged at LAX? We are leaving in a couple of days, overnighting in Papeete then 3 days in Moorea, before our 10 day cruise. Would like to have some local currency when we get to Moorea. We may have time to slip into a Papeete ATM before our ferry ride, or get some at the IC Papeete. Any suggestions on how to access?
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The references on Currency were to my tips which were outdated since they were prepared last year.

Last year I found out that the LAX currency counter was not operating - may be its a go now - dont know.
I also found out that the currency exchange at the airport was operating at this own schedule so you could not rely on it. When our flight got in at 10 pm it was closed,
I heard that the ATM at the IC Tahiti gave good rates but when we were there pre cruise it was not working.
The ships rates were very good last year. I also know there are ATMs downtown across from the docks. Maybe you should change a small amount in LAX or wherever and then replenish on the cruise as desired. I am pretty sure the store in Maharepa takes charge. taxis and such will take US though will give you an arbitrary rate.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy your cruise.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Yes, this is a help. We're 1st. timers on the PG and travelling with another couple. Have read many of your helpful posts. We are super excited. Thanks so much for all of your info.
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Hi Family,
Yes please when time permits if you could post your travel list it will be greatly appreciated as this is all so new to me.
Thanks so much, Donna
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Adventure Travel Packing List

Good quality UV sunglasses - preferably polarized w/ a tetherSun hat with a tether

T-shirts- cotton or sweat wicking material

Shorts (or zip off long pants); some women prefer long cotton skirtslong-sleeved loose

cotton shirt or UPF quick dry material

Long pants/UPF zip off to shorts or full length

work out wear (if you will exercise)

Sports bra - recommended on game drives as the roads can be bumpy and uneven, or


Socks- (light weight wool or wool blend is best for warmth in cool areas)

Good walking shoes (running/tennis shoes are fine)

amphibious sandals (such as Keens or Merrils that can work on beach and for light hiking) Beach shoes if you don't anticipate hiking

Bathing suit (2 for warm weather climes)

pool cover up (or use long sleeve UPF shirt for this)

Surf shirt/rash guard with UPF

Warm fleece jacket or wool sweater (lightweer weight for warm climes, ind block for cool weather regions-ie, Alaska, Desert winter)

Windproof rain anorak or parka (also, pack with scarf and light weight micro fleece gloves and hat in pockets for cool weather regions-ie, Alaska, Desert winter)

Camera equipment (chargers/attachments/converters) and plenty of memory*

BINOCULARS – if you have a wildlife or sea excursion (Night vision binoculars are not essential but highly recommended if your safari includes night activities)*

guide books

Waterproof/dustproof bags/cover for your cameras and laundry

Other electronics and their chargers and adaptors (kindle, phone etc)*

Personal toiletries

Contact lenses, bring along a pair of glasses in case you get irritation or lose a contact*


Insect repellent

Malaria tablets, altitude sickness or other special meds required for your destination, if applicable*

personal medications required*

Basic medical kit (aspirins, Band-Aids, Imodium, antiseptic cream, Anti-histamine cream, etc.)*

Wet wipes

Visas, tickets, passports, money etc*

travel clothes/light weight sweats or lounge wear in a dark color

travel Pashmina

travel pillow

*carry on items- never check in baggage

Some notes:
  • You can adjust the "weight and warmth" of items for your trip - I don't think any of us will need fleece gloves in FP!
  • I usually take a packable gortex rain anorak anywear I go, it's warm layer if it gets cool or wet in the tropics and the top layer over heavier fleece or sweater in cool climes.
  • Adjust the numbers of things you need for how many days between laundry you have IE if you can get to launder or wash things every 4-5 days you only need 5 of daily wear things.
  • I use an infaltable pillow on the plane so it take up no room in my bag after I arrive at my destination
  • I use the UPF long sleeve shirt as a beach cover up, light layer if its cool, and mid layer if its a cold clime (under a sweater and goretex anorak)
  • There is a little bit of a front end investment in good light weight packable UPF clothing, but you won't need one for every day; they feel clean and dry quick, so 1 or two of most items will do for several days when mixed with your other regular clothing or cruise wear (if you are packing for a trip like PG, you might be packing sun dresses or nice slacks for dinner etc!)
I'm sure others here have great ideas too and some specific FP tips, like a tropical shirt for the guys! But this is my general adventure/active travel bare minimum list. Others probably can add!
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I would respectfully suggest that you don't need a Goretext anorak in FP. Obviously don't need a fleece. Don't need malaria pills, or wool socks. No game drives, so a sports bra would be at the discretion of the woman traveller.

Add to the list water shoes for swimming, and lots and lots of sunscreen.
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The problem in FP is not the Malaria but dengue- take the spray and use it especially in Tahiti anad if you are on any hikes. Dengue is only in Tahiti from what I recall but who knows where all it is now.
Boston Area
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Originally posted by Wendy The Wanderer
I would respectfully suggest that you don't need a Goretext anorak in FP. Obviously don't need a fleece. Don't need malaria pills, or wool socks. No game drives, so a sports bra would be at the discretion of the woman traveller.

Add to the list water shoes for swimming, and lots and lots of sunscreen.
Well of course...this is an adventure travel list, for any number of destinations, you take the things that are applicable to the weather for your trip. But I bring my goretex rain coat no matter where in the world I go, I often dont need it, but if there should be rain, Ill be glad to have it!
I always see a travel MD before traveling to get advice about what meds I should bring or take and to make sure I have my first aid kit properly stocked for the area I'm traveling.
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Thank you Family for taking the time to post your extensive list full of great suggestions, Donna
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Emdee, I would be another grateful recipient of your hints and tips, if you would be so kind. We sail on the PG in early May, plus a few nights in an OWB at the Moorea Hilton afterwards. Thanks.
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Hi Emcee: You are a wealth of information. We're also traveling on PG on May 23rd, our first trip to Polynesia, and would gratefully appreciate all your hints. Anyone else on board May 23? I'm at Would love to hear from you an coordinate some activities This is my first attempt at using the Cruisecritic website, so I'm a bit lost at the moment.
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My wife and I were on a 7 day PG cruise in Oct 2009 and just booked a 14 day for this October. We can't wait. Motu Mahana is the most beautiful island I have ever been to. One pearl of advice someone gave me on these boards prior to our last trip was to bring a $4 inflatable air mattress to this island. We were the envy of many.


Another pearl was to bring a short multi-plug extension cord for all those US devices in the cabin.

Dave M
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Hi Emdee,

My wife to be and I will be taking our honeymoon with PG at the end of June. We woudl really appreciate your tips since its our first cruise with PG and first time at Tahiti. Thanks! My email: firemox at gmail dot com

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