The cruise already began on March 10th and I gave that report on the other review.

Mar 11 - sea day - Formal night

Even though the seas were calm it was overcast and cloudy.

We were seated in the middle section of the Frans Hals Lounge for the Captain's Welcome party. We did get cocktails but no appetizers. Two servers stopped but they had only 4 cheese coated cauliflowers left and a couple of meat balls. We asked them to return when they had more to offer like the shrimp. They said they would return but they never did. It was reported on our survey's.

The male lead singer sat at a table almost across from us. His grand parents were on this cruise. (This was announced a couple of evenings later right before the production show as they were celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary.) Three other elderly women were also seated at their table. Most evenings the conversation was very strained. The grand parents and he would talk and very seldom did the other women talk. Two of them were traveling together and they rarely talked to each other. The third woman just sat and ate.

We were susposed to have a production show this evening but it was moved till tomorrow night because one of the dancers sprained his ankle at last week's final show. Instead they announced that Annie Frances would be singing - saw her last segment - not worth going back to hear her again.

When we returned to our suite after dinner, the verandahs on port side had been washed again. They were just washed yesterday while we were in Ft Lauderdale. The carpet inside the cabin was soaked.


Mar 12 - sea day - originally (according to the first day's daily program schedule) this was to have been an Informal night but it was changed to a casual night. Some people hadn't read about the dress change in their daily program so they came to the dining room all dressed up and then complained that no had told them about the change.

We had a beautiful sunny day to relax while at sea.

The production show that was scheduled for last night was performed tonight - Show Stoppers.

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