Ships of Shame - Sixty Minutes

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I think the story was about passengers having the same legal rights at sea as we do on land!

That's the message I got from the programme!

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Originally posted by finetuneit
I think you've misread Cruise Ship Fan's post AusTraveller. He's saying the Sun is registered in Malta (the Sky was registered in London) and so the 60 Minutes report was suggesting that if something happened on the Sun, then Maltese police would investigate.Of course 60 Minutes also failed to mention that the ship has been sold, and the remaining 3 ships in the fleet are registered in London.
No, I haven't misread it. That is exactly how I understood his post and also what was said in the 60 Minute report.

However, in instances that I know of, the investigating police were not from the country of registry. With the Diane Brimble 'incident' apparently the official discussion was between having the New Caledonia Police or the Australian police investigate. There was no mention of Malta or UK. In another case I read about of an American ship (I think it was Royal Caribbean) with American passengers, a young man went missing (most likely murdered) and it was investigated by the Turkish police as the next port of call was Istanbul.

I don't agree with the 60 minute statement that an incident on an Australian-based ship would be investigated by the police from the country of registry (they called them "third world countries").
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Originally posted by happyaussies
I think the story was about passengers having the same legal rights at sea as we do on land!

That's the message I got from the programme!

That was how I saw it too. Very frustrating for relatives that there is no authorities as such for them to turn to.

The father whose daughter disappeared from a cruise in Alaska, and then her luggage was thrown out.
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Originally posted by Australian family
The father whose daughter disappeared from a cruise in Alaska, and then her luggage was thrown out.
That must be awful. How can a cruiseline simply do that. Don't they have a care of duty to contact the next of kin and arrange for their possessions to be picked up. Otherwise why do we bother giving them details to contact people in an emergency.
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Originally posted by Australian family
The father whose daughter disappeared from a cruise in Alaska, and then her luggage was thrown out.
Here's more on that story

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Originally posted by karmac
Here's more on that story

so what happened to the legal action ?

After additional months went by, we still did not have all requested information so started the process to take legal action against the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
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