Found this post on the boards and thought it was informative. What do you think about these rules/manners?
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I have been reading about people's horror stories about dining in the Main Dining Room or those who enjoyed meeting others. If RCCL could have these rules then here we go ala Ms. Manners:

1. All parties shall arrive on time in a presentable fashion. If its formal night dress accordingly.

2. If you are late or cannot make your assigned dining time kindly call or preferably go down in person and speak to the Maitre D.

3. If your child becomes antsy or starts crying or throws a fit kindly excuse yourself and take your child and you outside of the dining room to a quiet place.

4. When people are introduced kindly respond with your name. Please don't stare at your dining mates even if English is not your first language try to communicate in other ways.

5. Don't assume everyone speaks your language. Try to learn some phrases in other languages depending on where the cruise departs from. You may not be perfect but you will get a fun language lesson.

6. Look at the menu and be prepared with your order when the waiter or waitress comes. If you want more of one item say so. Please don't over order.

7. If you want a table for two please email the Dining Department before your cruise or go to the Maitre D.

8. If for some reason you are not comfortable with your table assignment please let the Maitre D know in a respectful manner. Don't bash them for not being able to get your table request the first time around.

9. If you must leave early for one reason or another let your waiter or waitress know to see if he or she can speed up the dining time.

10. If you are not willing to spend the time dining or don't want to participate in the formal dining nights please go to the Windjammer or other dining venues.

11.If an item does not taste good don't complain. Kindly say to the waiter or waitress that this item was not what you expected it to be and see if you can get a replacement. Don't nit pick or pick around your food looking for ways to make it taste better.

12. If you ordered the wine package kindly offer to see if anyone wants a glass or two if you know you can't finish the bottle. A lot of times they will reciprocate.

13. Don't ask personal questions of your table mates. General conversation topics are good. Remind kids to act their best and if they start to get wild remove them promptly.

14. When you are finished place your silverware with the handle facing out and put them together to signal you are done.

15. Always have your napkin in your lap and please no elbows on the table.

16. When you are done wait until others are generally done eating or ask in a pleasant way if you can excuse yourself so as not to keep the others eating alone especially if there is a single cruiser.

17. Always greet the dining room staff and smile at the end of the evening thank them. Compliment them on what items you liked and tell them about improvements they can make.

18. If you know you want more of a drink as the waiter or waitress to bring either a pitcher or two iced teas or a carafe of coffee so as not to make them run back and forth all the time.

19. Wait until others are served or if you see at least two to three people starting to eat you can begin or you could say Do you mind if I can start with my soup? I'm sure your dining mates will understand and appreciate you asking them if you can start so as not to make them watch you eat.

20, Please do not snap your fingers to get the attention of the dining room staff. Kindly say excuse me Sir or excuse me Madam could you please bring me at your next earliest opportunity? And don't forget to sincerely thank them.

21. Enjoy and be happy and don't try to nit pick every little thing that goes wrong.
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