Slot Pull $20 ($15 to pulls and $5 side bet) To be held immediately after the M&G!

Cattie - Kathy, Paul, Fran, Joan, Rick, Rob and Bob
paradise sailor - Steve
Got Tequila- Margaret
Knitlady037 - Claire
Cruisers without Kids - Andy and Elise
Sgt. Patton - Bill
Beachmama - Terri
Stlrboo - Dave
hisblond1 - Denise
Anyman - Al and Ernee
Glamourgal - Patty
Gma_Pat - Pat and Mike
Gnoble - Glenn and Sara
NCPDCBOP - Pete and Elaine
mickaleen - Ray and Mickey
Beachbum1944 - Paul and MaryAnn
Demonyte - Jussie and Heini
What'sInAName - Elaine, Jean, and Donna
Gordito68 - Antonio
Metro9 - Barbara and Debbie
A2B1 - Carol
Jab5549 - Lori and Artie
jerrib - Jerri and John
jayss - Karen, Jay, Amber, Shaun
CTJoeCruiser - Joe and Mary
Peter53 -Arlene and Pete
Melody322 - Mary
FrenchTickler - Gregory and Dawn
Tweety0227 - Melanie
CaribJoey - Joe and Lisa
RBorden629 - Rich and Hope
Mmeoww - LeAnne and Rick
momb24 - Bob and Gerie
What'sInAName - Darlene, Martin, Elaine, Jean, Donna
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