We just pulled Anchor and started moving at about 5:15AM.

The tentative schedule

7:20am (8:20am EST) - Arriving at Mira Flores Locks
8:20am (9:20am EST) - Departing Mira Flores Locks
8:50am (9:50am EST) - Arriving at Pedro Miguel Locks
9:30am (10:30am EST) - Departing Pedro Miguel Locks

1:05pm (2:05pm EST) - Arriving Gatun Locks
3:00pm (4:00pm EST) - Departing Gatun Locks

Note that Panama is one hour behind EST.

The live web cam is pancanal.com and there are cameras at Mira Flores and Gatun Locks where you can watch us live.

If anyone is able to post some photos that would be great!

Thanks for all the help on these boards.