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One time, we were on the Star from Sydney to Los Angeles. In Fiji, we were on a bus with about 60 very fun and crazy cruise critic roll call friends on a tour NOT purchased through the ship. We were about 10-15 minutes late when we finally arrived back and had to dodge our way through the military marching band to board. It seemed as if the whole ship was on that side watching the band and we had many shouts, laughing and clapping from the other passengers. We just kept telling ourselves that certainly the ship would not sail off without that many passengers...... but we will never want to cut it that close again!!!
Peggy - Was that the Star Fall '09 cruise? If so, we were two of those along with other cc roll call members cheering you all on as you boarded! It was a kick watching you all dodge the military band members as you raced for the ramp! We did that cruise b/b so for us it was SF to Sydney to LA - that was a wonderful cruise.

We watched a little fishing boat race three people out to catch the ship when leaving a Mexican port one time a few years back. When I saw they didn't put out a platform and those people had to climb a rope ladder to get onboard , it was plenty enough to remind me NEVER to be late for sailing!!