We are about to sail on May 1st and need to choose a restaurant. Any recommendations or suggestions?
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Nadia (Jonad)
2016 Pacific Eden - May (Trip to nowhere)
2013 Costa Deliziosa - Oct/Nov (East Med)
2012 Costa neoRomantica - Nov/Dec (Sing-Melb)
2012 Costa Victoria - May - Asia (Sing-Shanghai)
2011 Costa Atlantica - Nov (East Med)
2011 Costa Mediterranea - Nov (West Med)
2011 Costa Classica - April (Asia)
2010 Costa Allegra -Apr (Sing- Civitavecchia)
2009 Costa Allegra -Nov (Asia Sth of Singapore)
2009 Costa Allegra -Apr (Asia Nth of Singapore)
2006 Star Gemini (Straits of Malacca)
1993 P&O Fairstar (South Pacific)
1974 Guglielmo Marconi (Fremantle to Genova via Panama Canal)
1974-75 Guglielmo Marconi (Genova to Fremantle via Capetown)
1965 Sydney (Genova to Fremantle)
1963 Flavia (Fremantle to Naples)