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hey in gay years that's like 60. Also, how many more years could I coast of my young looks, 10 maybe 15? haha
Ahhh ... the REAL reason you're getting married!

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GOD's country I tell you.
I once ate at Nepenthe and then went for cocktails w/ the mayor of Cambria and the owner of the Fog catcher. I'm telling you this is downright UNBELIEVABLE!
I am constantly amazed at the coincidences. Who would believe it?!!

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Moira: speaking of Melbourne, when we were in LAX waiting for our flight we met a lovely couple from your Melbourne who had just arrived in LA and were going on to Ft. Lauderdale. Don't know how they had the stamina. We didn't get into FLL until almost midnight, and they were catching the Island Princess the next day for a Panama Canal cruise. Guess they planned to rest on the ship.

Probably on a Fly/Cruise/Stay deal. You definitely need a few days to relax and get used to the timeframe. Loved the photos too, very pretty place.

CAROLE: Loved your mini review of the cruise and your sense of humour! So when is your next exploit?
I'm really miffed that you are returning to cruise on my birthday and I have nothing booked right now ...

SANDY: Not sure about the roach parts YEWWWWW!!
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