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I'm willing to bet its Tommy Bahama! I just bought 2 to take to French Polynesia...and though I got differrent colors they look just like this! They are soooo comfortable, made of a stretchy cotton, and all the "under roos" are built in so you can literally throw it on and go; its like wearing pjs.

Loved your review! Obsessedsc- I did soemthing similar with my plans, jotting down a different neighborhood or bar I wanted to explore each day. I still got to the last night and we had to do a bunch, but at least that way I knew what I wanted to do.

Even with all that planning, I missed the on air and post card. Yours turned out great! We will definately do this on Allure with our girls! I also never went to Dazzles for anything except the meet and mingle- would have liked to have heard the band there! Never went in Boleros...seemed to smokey, did you find the non smoking side was ok? ( or maybe you smoke, but I can't imagine you doing that with that beautiful boy and his perfect lungs!)

Glad your trip turned out so well...some planners don't actually have a good time because they get too hung up on the plans ( I have a SIL like this) but you seemed to just roll with it and your photos look like everyone was having a great time!
I never even got to go in Dazzles but we arent night life people and unless we have too much to drink and our friends from home we arent much for dancing! We were only in boleros for about 20 minutes. Smoke didnt bother me there as much as other areas. My parents said the Bow and Stern pub was smokey.

I cant kick this vacation. Now that i've recovered from being sick we have been at the beach or pool the past 4 days straight and sunday night I made DH take me out to this marina place to eat and i ordered a huge pina colada and we watched the sunset....i just keep saying if only our water were crystal clear (but then NOTHING would ever get done)!!

We are thinking of doing the Disney Fantasy next as a family but waiting until about 2014/15. I may not make it until then and have to do a cruise with just DH!
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