Hope someone can prove some helpful advice.
My mum, who is nearly 80 and walks slow and with the aid of a walking stick, but in otherwise good health, has never been on a cruise, It is something she has always wanted to do, but my father plain refused to board a ship as he was afraid of water.

Anyway, he passed away recently and we are thinking of taking her away later this year. Questions I have are

1. Is cruising a good idea for the elderly?

2. I am assuming she can remain onboard in port and not have to 'do tours', should she not wish to do so?

3. She would not like to dress formally and prefers informal dining and so I am trying to identify what Cruise companies would be best suited to her. Destination can be anywhere.

Anyone any suggestions? I'm researching before taking the plunge so to speak. It's been many years since I was last on a cruise, so looking for ideas from people more experienced than me.