Good news for those of us in the UK is that Oceania will provide free flights ex-London for passengers. And it starts immediately with those already booked able to add flights without cost. That's what I call good service: most companies would have said "tough" to those whose money it already had.

I was just about to book EasyJet back from our Dover to Rome cruise end of September. Now I will wait for a while until the official anouncement is made - so far only TAs have been advised according to CC News.
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Regent Mariner 27 October 2017. Montreal to Miami.
Queen Mary 2 10 January 2018 Southampton to Cape Town.
Scenic Ruby 14 May Amsterdam to Budapest.
MS Mendula 2 September 2018 Croatian Islands.
Scenic Aura 11 Novembeer 2018 Mandalay to Yangon.
Queen Mary 2 10 January 2019 Southampton to Dubai.