I don't know about this particular vendor or the other comments he made, but we have no problem giving a credit card or some form of partial payment to a tour operator when we book. True, many do operate on an honor system, and that's great, but looking at it from their point of view -- they are holding their space for us, and if we don't show up, they are out the money they could have made for the day. It's a two way street. The credit card/deposit protects both sides as far as I'm concerned. They want the assurance that we are going to show up just as we want to know that they will be there as promised. Many of these vendors are independent and when they hold the date for a passenger, they turn away others, and then they can't re-book on the spot if the passenger changes his plans.

These boards, as well as Trip Advisor, are really a great sense of security in my book, as these vendors - both the independents and the larger companies -- get so much business from referrals/posting on these boards. If someone has a bad experience, if a vendor doesn't show up, etc., we will all find out about it by doing the research here. It's a great incentive for these guys to do a good job.
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