Threads like this one make me want to SCREAM!!!

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Originally posted by parallax
A few points:

1. Carnival, RCCI etc. are cruise lines that market to families. Therefore, people making ridiculous observations and setting parameters for children on these ships is just plain stupid. Just because it how a person or group wants it, does not mean it has to be this way.

2. It seems to me that the biggest troublemakers on this ship are the ones with a sense of entitlement. For example, I was on a cruise a couple years ago and we were setting up at the observation bar as we pulled out of port. A group of people came in and wanted to add some seats around a table so they could all sit together. To do this, it only required to move a chairs a couple feet. The men started moving the chairs and a woman said don't do that "we are on vacation." She told the men to get the waiter to move the chairs. You need to understand that these were fit men and could have easily moved the chairs a couple of feet. The woman bellowed to the waiter who was taking our drink order that she need assistance immediately. I gave here the evil eye but she was oblivious.

3. Do what you think is right and don't concern yourself with the perception that other people may have. The problem with boards of this nature is that everyone is a supposed expert and sometimes there is the mentality of junior high. While I value the reviews and input, you have to take it with a grain of salt.
You know I read this poster's points a bit differently than some other posters did.

Point 1 - I agree with this poster that if you, as a non-family customer, of a ship that does market to families (granted not exclusively to families) that you should expect that you will encounter some kids.
These lines make it very clear in all of their advertisements that families are welcome (encouraged) -- so posters should not be expecting some magical experience where no child will ever be seen/heard.

Post that was the instigation for this thread was a reply that some one had gotten on the Carnival boards that stated among other things "Youngest person I ever recall seeing in any MDR (in nine cruises) was probably a teenager . . . "

This is not a question about well behaved kids vs. poorly behaved kids -- no one thinks that poorly behaved pax of any age should have to be tolerated, this point addresses the people who honestly seem to think that no kids should be on board. Or if any child is on board there is NO WAY that any child should be allowed in the MDR because NO child could possibly behave through a full meal. etc.
Point 2 - poor behavior is not the exclusive province of children.

Point 3 - If you think a cruise is appropriate for your family and that your significant other, children, can handle the experience, don't be letting some GOF tell you that simply because of your child's age you should not do something that is perfectly legal and well within the rules (for example your 8 and 10YOs are perfectly within their rights to be in the pool and should not evacuate simply because some adult pax is afraid that they might splash -- and yes, one of the families we shared a MDR table with on one cruse had some 40-50ish woman try to tell them that their kids really should get out of the pool because she and her friend were afraid that their hair might get splashed !
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Originally posted by Onessa
You know I read this poster's points a bit differently than some other posters did.
That's how I took it too. And I agree completely. People get genuinely upset/concerned if they find out kids will be around them on their cruise. True, I don't limit ourselves to kid-centric cruises, but still...if the cruiseline allows a child to be booked in a room, then don't be upset if, you know, a child is booked on that cruise! If you want a GUARANTEED kid-free cruise, then go on an adults-only, no one under 21 (or whatever cut-off) allowed, cruise.

And I'm 100% ok with legitimate complaints. If kids are running loose, throwing chairs overboard, hot-wiring rascals, etc., then yeah, raise holy heck. But if kids are splashing in the pool, or watching a dvd player (with headphones) in the's not the end of the world, m'kay?