I can stop checking my reservation several times daily. I wasn't even going to check today (it's Monday) but I did around 1:00 and no cabin assigned, as expected. Then just checked about 10 minutes ago and my cabin was assigned. I also checked my dad's reservation and their guarantee was also assigned today.

No upgrade, exactly the category within the level we had booked the guarantee. I think they were likely busy upgrading everyone out of those categories to make room for us guarantees to take their cabins--we booked on a great sale so feel pretty safe to think we paid less than others. I'm very happy with my location--scared for my parents as they are all the way forward, and it's their first cruise. Hopefully won't be too bad motion wise as it's the inner passage Vancouver to Whittier. I don't recall ever feeling the boat move last year on the reverse direction. I even missed my "sea legs" at port or going home. Felt kinda robbed..Maybe I should sleep in their cabin. LOl

Hmm..wonder if anyone cancels now that all the cabins are assigned if we would get upgraded. I should keep checking. Ha Ha. Just kidding!
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