first time celeb cruiser and i thought the muster drill was handled much better then on hal where everyone goes to their lifeboat station and stands around til everyone shows up

on the galaxy everyone goes to a preassigned muster station- ours was the casino (however it was closed) there is some seating -interestingly enough attendance was not taken but we were assured that all cabins had been checked- and then we are all walked as a group to our lifeboats and after a few minutes the drill is over

we were told that in the event of an emergency we are to go to the muster station and not directly to the lifeboats-- as stated some lifeboats might be inoperatve due to the ememgency and by going to the muster station the life boat usage is assessed by the crew and you are then led to working lifeboats

imo this is a great way to handle this situation-- no standing around on the deck in all kinds of weather waiting for stragglers and in the event of an emergency standing around for lifeboats that might not function

anyone know of a cruiseline that handles this situation any better
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