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Florida Departures

Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami & Port Canaveral & Tampa
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We will be cruising on the Epic in January and need to fly into either FLL or MIA. I seem to recall not too long ago someone posting on here that FLL was a much better airport but I can't remember why. Is MIA a madhouse? I have not made any hotel or transfer plans so any advice will be most welcome. Thanks!
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Miami Airport is really much improved so I would base my decision on price and convenience. Some people avoid Miami (both the airport and the city) because of their recollection from years ago.

If you are sailing out of Miami then all things being equal I would go with Miami.

I recommend that you fly in one day before your cruise no matter what you do as it is always risky to fly the day of the cruise as a flight delay or cancellation could cause you to miss the ship. And I would select a return flight after you disembark the ship of around Noon.

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If you are cruising from Miami, the MIA airport is the most convenient. Many Miami cruisers choose to fly into FLL in order to save $$ and are willing to put up with the transfer hassel (it's about 40+ minutes in a cab, limo, shuttle bus or rental car) to save -- how much you may save and if it is worth the hassel is your decision.

As mentioned above, the smart cruiser always arrives in town at least one day prior to sailing - you do not want a delayed or cancelled flight to spoil your cruise!

Good luck!
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FLL for us because it is all about price and flight times and getting a non stop flight. So it's the airline not the airport, fll is where the airline flies too that meets our schedule,etc.
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I've never really had a problem flying into MIA. We generally prefer flying into MIA for a POM cruise but this time around we're flying into FLL because the prices were better and all else being equal I prefer JetBlue over most other carriers flying into Florida.
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I was planning to come in as early as possible the day before so we could do a fanboat tour before the cruise, so that issue was covered. Thanks for clearing up the airport question.
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We picked FLL for our Nov Epic cruise because we like to fly Southwest and they don't go to MIA.

That way I can pack whatever I want and no worries about bag charges.

Trying to figure out hotel not sure about that.