Toddler questions

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North Carolina
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We are lucky enough to be sailing on a cruise with our family that includes a two year old. We wonder if Princess has cups with lids and straws available? Also do they have any kind of childrens menu in the dining room? Any other quick tips would be helpful.
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There is a children's menu. Not sure about the sippy cup. I would recommend bringing your own from home, and a small bottle of detergent to wash it.
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My daughter was 2 the first time she cruised. We didn't order for her from the children's menu but just asked for an extra plate and fed her from our plates. Why should she spend the week eating chicken nuggets while we are eating prime rib?
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my grandkids love the 'spaghetti snakes' from the kids menu but we ask for smaller portions. there is always way too big a serving. the bowl of fruit is a hit also as is the buffet. we brought their sippy cups.
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Originally posted by cdngrl
my grandkids love the 'spaghetti snakes' from the kids menu but we ask for smaller portions. there is always way too big a serving. the bowl of fruit is a hit also as is the buffet. we brought their sippy cups.
I love the Spaghett Snakes too! Meatballs are so good.
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Bring your sippy cup. When you go to dinner the first night ask to have a bowl of strawberries (or whatever fruit your little one likes) at the table when you arrive. This gives LO something to do while you read the menu and helps fill their little tummies. Bring something to entertain them as well. Any meal with a 2 YO is a long meal, especially one that runs 1-2 hours. Be prepared to leave if LO gets fussy so as not to bother other guests. We found that a walk in between servings helped.
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North Carolina
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Great idea on the walk between courses and having something for him to eat when he gets there! We had thought to have his mom or dad check the menu outside during the day and let the other know what they would like and have it ordered and/or maybe on the table when the LO arrives a bit late. From our roll call we have gathered there will be lots of large family groups on this sailing and lots and lots of kids.
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We took our 2 year old last November with our in-laws and we are going to take him again on the same cruise with my parents when he is 3. He did really well with the dining room. We made sure to have some movies downloaded on our I-phone and he would watch a movie while we looked over the menu or when he finished while we were waiting for desert. All of the passengers around us couldn't believe how well behaved he was and made comments all the time. The waiters were fabulous and very attentive. Between the bread and fruit before dinner, he was able to keep up with the rest of us.

Have fun!
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North Carolina
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TY lizzychris, love the idea of 'Movies Under the Pretend Stars" in the dining room. Would that be MUPS?
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We'll be on a Caribbean cruise in November and our 15 month old grandson is amongst our family group. These have been some great ideas. If we come up with any questions, I'm sure we'll be asking them.
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North Carolina
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Originally posted by cdngrl
or MAST (movies at supper time).
FAST (film at supper time)
Or COAST. Child Occupation At The Supper...
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Originally posted by highheel girl
Prime rib for a 2 year old.
Don't knock it. My daughter was fond of duck at the age of four. My parents would take us to dinner at the Ritz in Boston and she'd order duck. My Mom was horrified and said, "She couldn't possibly like duck." Me: "She sure does." Mom: "You're kidding!" Me: "Nope." Guess who was right.
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North Carolina
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We are home and I wanted to add a bit of what we experienced. It was great. LO did dinner just fine. The waiters had a bowl of cut fruit ready for him each night. (Cut in little kid size pieces.) When we got out salads his main course came out, whether it was ordered from the kids menu or the adult one. The one time LO got a little fussy the waiters helped by quickly coming up with some napkin animals and even a magic trick. We did pick excursions with care but LO seemed to like the whale watching trip in Juneau and smiled and pointed when we saw whales. With all this good luck we tried a production show. We did the 'unlawful' and saved an aisle seat near the front entrance to Princess Theater and brought him in right before the show started. If he were to make a peep it would be easy to get him out. However he sat mesmerized through the whole show. His parents commented they dont think he has ever paid attention to anythng for so long.

Logistically, the pack and play for him to sleep in arrived within 20 minutes of him. The bathtub was good in the minisuite but by the time we sailed LO had all ready moved from baths to liking showers at home. It wouldnt have been the issue that we thought.

It was not nearly as difficult as we had thought to take a two year old cruising.
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Originally posted by highheel girl
Prime rib for a 2 year old.
It's just a bunch of fatty roast beef; what's the big deal? Geez. I'm not a kid person but they paid their fare, same as anyone else. Heck, let him have lobster. Let him have two, since I don't touch those cockroaches-of-the-sea.