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.......DH, our sons and I went up to Seward (not sailing) several years ago to visit family. We went on a fjords tour and saw several glaciers while there. Years later we now have daughters-in-law and grandchildren who have never been there. I know they would love it all, but would they be likely to see more wildlife in Glacier Bay?
We have seen more wildlife on the Kenai Fjords tours out of Seward than at Glacier Bay, Hubbard, or Tracy Arm.

So I would recommend a Kenai Fjords cruise for the wildlife with the glaciers as a fringe benefit, or Glacier Bay for the glaciers with the wildlife as a fringe benefit.

Regardless of whether or not your cruise ship visits Glacier Bay, you can take a flightseeing tour over Glacier Bay from one of the nearby ports and get to see much more of Glacier Bay than what can be seen from a cruise ship.

The drawback is that it would be very expensive to do with such a large family.