The Green Flash of a sunset

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Saranac, MI USA
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seems to me that I remember reading about sightings of the moonbow at Cumberland Falls State Park in Ky or Tenn. Think they may even have some sort of schedule.

Only Green Flash we've seen is the restaurant on Captiva. (good Veal Zurich)
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Witnessed the beauty of the green flash once while on Dickenson Bay beach in Antigua. Funny thing was that I wasn't looking for it that day and I saw it and since that time I have looked for it on many other occasions and have yet to see it again.
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I live overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and have seen the green flash numerous times. It usually happens when the horizon is perfectly clear. It's spectacular but you have to pay attention because it happens very quickly.
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It is known also as Le Rayon Vert; the legend concerning it was the subject of a french film by the same name; quite an interesting film, one
of my very favorites. I have never seen the ray myself though I often remember to look for it. There is a bed and breakfast in Montreal named after this film also.
Hubbard, OH USA
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We were in the South Pacific on a 30 night cruise and almost every night, we watched for the "green flash" and never saw it. Others saw it, but we never did. This past February, we were in Curacao on a sunset cruise. I got into a conversation with the owner of the boat. We were on a fishing boat. He told me he has seen the "green flash" several times, and it does exist. He invited me up to the top part of the boat, and we watched the sunset . . . . and I actually got to see it! It is just a split second flash. Like others said, it you blink, you miss it. Now I can say I am part of the "green flash" crowd!
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I've seen it several times, when the sun is setting in the northwest, out of my window, or walking on the beach, in Seascale, Cumbria. It doesn't seem to happen if there's mist on the horizon, but I expect to see it if it's clear.
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Originally posted by michmike
seems to me that I remember reading about sightings of the moonbow at Cumberland Falls State Park in Ky or Tenn. Think they may even have some sort of schedule.

Only Green Flash we've seen is the restaurant on Captiva. (good Veal Zurich)
Yes, Moonbow happens at Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky. Here is the schedule.

Have seen the Green Flash several times, mostly in Hawaii.