Where to put Pack N Play in cabin?

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We will be on the Carnival legend next month with our 14 month old son. We are planning on bringing our own Pack N Play and we'll be in an interior cabin. We figured that we'll have to go to bed early since he'll be sleeping in the same room as us and he goes to sleep around 8pm. However, after looking at some reviews of the Legend and seeing some pics of the bathroom, it *looks like* there may be space to fit the PnP in the shower area in the bathroom. Have any of you done this before or have any of you been in one of these cabins and know if it might fit? We could put the PnP in there at night and hook up his video monitor to keep an eye on him. That way we could talk/watch TV/whatever in the rest of the cabin while he sleeps. Thanks so much!
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I'd like to know more on this too. We have an OV room but was wondering what the set up was going to be. We also have a 2yr old and i'm leary about putting her on the top bunk.

Will your son not sleep through anything? My DD will be 10m and she'll sleep with the tv and lights on no problem.
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We are in an inside on NCL Pearl with a pack and play. I think they will move the nightstands out, push the two beds all the way to one wall and then put the p&p lined up with the beds. So, basically, it's wall to wall beds. But in any inside room I can't imagine there is room anywhere else.
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We fit the pack n play in the bathroom of the Enchantment of the Seas. It was half in the shower stall and right up against the sink and toilet. We had to remove the box of tissues from under the counter after he methodically pulled them out one by one the first evening. We kept a video moniter in there which gave him enough ambient light to not be in total darkness, and used an ipod to provide white noise. So even though we (or the 2 RCI babysitters) were "trapped" in the cabin, we could watch tv or read.

I found this series of web pages very useful when I sailed on the Carnival Pride last year https://www.goccl.com/irman/bookccl/...end/legend.htm
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We had the crib in front of the sofa, but we were in a balcony cabin on the Dream. If we made the cabin completely dark DD would fall asleep and the tv didn't wake her when we turned it on later. We were all probably asleep by 9 each night though. A dark cabin is very relaxing.

If you put the PNP in the bathroom, what if you have to use it? The flushing would definitely wake the baby up.
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I know there's limited space in the cabin, but I wouldn't have my baby sleep in the bathroom. I know it's part of the room, but something about it just would bother me. Plus, as the previous poster said, going to the bathroom at night would be a challenge. Just my opinion.
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We could not use the bathroom at all when the PnP was in there. We used a public restroom on our deck or the deck just above, including brushing our teeth before returning to the cabin at the end of the evening. I realize that this isn't for everyone, but it was the best option for us. We did bring 3M command hooks, clothesline, and blackout curtains to create a sleeping alcove as a last resort, but we were fairly confident that the bathroom plan would work out based on the measurements from the website I linked to above. DS was 19 months old for that cruise.

For his second cruise at age 2.5, he slept in the PeaPod Plus sleeping tent in the bathroom of our handicapped accessible cabin. Before I get flamed, let me assure you that we booked a regular cabin for that trip. We had planned to have him sleep in our room in his tent and hang out in the cabin next door with our friend/ nanny and the video monitor. 10 days prior to the cruise, the unbooked HC rooms in our category were released, and we were able to switch to one with the full understanding that if it was needed we would be bumped. With only 10 days left, we took the risk. I would not expect this to ever work out again, it was a total fluke. We used the bathroom in our friend/ nanny's cabin before retiring for the night.

I understand that some people may feel it's wrong to have a kid sleep in a bathroom or a walk in closet, but let's be honest, a toddler does not need an actual room to sleep in. They need a safe, clean, comfortable place where they can lay down. A PnP or a sleeping tent in a bathroom meet these qualifications just as well as they would in a regular room.
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Does your room have a pull out couch? If so we turned the couch to face the wall and had our 2 yo sleep in that. Then put the pack and play beside the pull out couch.

I would not be comfortable with a 2 yo on a top bunk. People have pulled the matress off and put it on the floor.

No idea about the bathroom. We have always just had the little one in the room.
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Wow, are inside cabins really that small on Carnival? We just came back from NCL Pearl to Alaska and used their provided pack and play. Originally they had the pack and play in between the 2 single beds, but later on they moved the pack and play to the edge of one of the beds. We could've asked to take the little desk out to put it on that side, but it wasn't necessary. Anyways, we had heaps of room and spent most of the awake time out on the ship. If the purpose of putting the pack and play in the bathroom is to have a separate darkened area for your little one to sleep while you are in the cabin, there are ways and means around that too. (I've already posted in the other thread about this) We took turns being the one parent in the darkened room thing. My husband brought his iPad, iPod, kindle and flashlight to make this work.
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Yep, the inside cabins ARE that small...

Our older boy goes in the top bunk and our daughter goes underneath. Now that she's too old for a Pack N Play, she uses a small mattress that fits on the space on the floor.

Try this configuration, and then ask for an extra sheet to drape down from the top bunk - this will give the little one some darkness and cut down on distractions in the room.

Good luck!
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I need some ideas on what we should do on the Carnival Breeze in Feburary. This will be our 7th cruise but first time cruising with babies. Our girls will be 22 months and 8 months. I had one crib reserved when I booked the cruise. Ideas? I would rather not have to back another bed....should we just have our 22 month old sleep with us and either my husband or I can sleep on one of the pull down beds? We have an inside room.
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