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Joined Aug 2012
On Carnival Destiny, I am booked in 8154 which was the only choice at the time, but it is near the main elevators, kind of forward, and I am worried about the noise from late night revellers. Cabins 8232 (slightly more midship), 8257, 8263, and 8265 (no cabins across the hall) have become available.
- Would you change?
- Is there a cost to changing (same category/price as I paid)

Thanks for your advice. I don't have enough experience to know the benefits of cabin location.

(Just realized I should have posted this on Carnival, so I have cross-posted there as well.)
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If you are past final payment you might have to cancel and rebook at the current prices.

I wouldn't worry about late night noise, you might have more noise from people running and knocking on doors all down the hallway.

If that cabin isn't backing up to the elevator shaft, I seriously wouldn't worry about it.

Have you looked at a different deck? You seem to be stuck on 8.
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19 Posts
Joined Aug 2012
Yes, I am past final payment. I can call my TA and find out if I can change.

Only Deck 8 is left with availability in the class that I am booked, that's why I mentioned other cabins on 8. The ship appears to be fairly booked up.
Tracy, CA
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If I were you I'd stay where I was. It looks to me that you have cabins above and below you whereas the other cabins are under the Lida pool area and buffet. Those areas tend to be noisy. But that's just my opinion.You can look at the deck plans on Carnival's website to get an idea of what is above and below you. Usually I use the elevator locations as a guide to try to determine what's right above and below.
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Welcome to Cruise Critic.

We don;t like cabins under the Lido areas on any ship. They can be noisy.

Stay where you are.
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honestly it probably won't be that bad. I was in a cabin just forward of the elevators and the hallway was enough to keep the general noise from the waiting passengers pretty much nonexistent.

its the running down the hallways that gets annoying. but the more forward you are the less random folks you have clogging them up
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8154 looks like a decent location.
No public venue above or below you.
You're near the elevators, but that partition wall might actually act to divert people headed to staterooms away from your room. That might actually be a nice quiet spot.
I tend to not hear muffled noise in the hallway, but someone swiping the seapass card and trying the door latch I'll hear every time. Again, that location might actually help to minimize that error.
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Thanks everyone Great to have a place to ask questions that I know will get answered.
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