Pearl Harbor

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Many thanks for the info. I got two tickets for the day we're in Honolulu. We've been there a number of times, but it's always touching, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new exhibits.
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Thank you so much for posting this information. We have our tickets for April 7th off thr Oosterdam.
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Originally posted by beachchick
I think 1 hour is more than fair. If there are no shows, they can distribute the tickets to those who have been waiting in line.


It is fair..I am just hoping we make it in time. Our ship docks at 9 am, tour time is 10:30 am..pretty sure we won't make it a whole HOUR before.
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I did a search but am having trouble finding a thread touching on the best way to get down to the USS Arizona Memorial if doing it yourself and NOT in a tour group 1) should we take a shuttle or cab? 2) How much availability is there for either and... 3) how much time should we allow for travel from port to the memorial? We were in honolulu last time but it was the day we sailed in/out for our hawaiian cruise and our flight was too close to embark/disembark so sadly we don't really know much about the honolulu port and distances to/from we know as a rule that the traffic on the islands can be a nightmare we don't really want to rent a car I don't think but is that a good option? We live near Vegas and we hate driving in Vegas so I doubt we'd enjoy driving in Hawaii's traffic. Esp. since I heard honking is considered to be really rude there.

I'd love a response today because my inlaws and my husband and I want to discuss this tomorrow as a group. They are leaning to a cruise sponsored tour but I'm guessing we could save a LOAD of money doing this one ourselves

^^ Is that accurate us saving a lot of $ going it on our own??

We have a 3 year old that will be along is that going to pose any issues do you think? Rules-wise is he allowed in or is there an age restriction? I know some people who don't like kids might be against it... but I watch him and he does really well with travel and is pretty mellow and well behaved overall. Last cruise we got tons of compliments on how well behaved he is at that time he was 15 months but he's done well with long car trips and land-based travel and flights since that cruise.
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A cab one way is $30-35 per cab---bus route 20 takes you to the
memorial ($2.50pp)---check the bus website--the stop is close to Aloha Towers--

if you get tickets on the gov site--you need to pick them at least one hour before your tour or they release them.

cabs and buses are avaialble at the memorial site parking lot.

Take bus 20 back to aloha towers.

ckeck the Arizonia memorial gov website on the rules for children

from the gov website:

Atmosphere on the Memorials
Visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Oklahoma Memorial and the USS Utah Memorial should remember that these memorials commemorate those who died as a part of the December 7, 1941 attack. These memorials are places of honor, inspiration, reflection, and quiet contemplation. Visitors are asked to assist in maintaining an atmosphere of decorum.

Strollers are allowed in the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, but not in the theaters or on shuttle boats to the USS Arizona Memorial. While strollers may be parked at the theaters and picked up once the visitors return from the Memorial, NPS is not responsible for monitoring strollers or other personal items left behind.

We encourage you to plan ahead for your hydration and nutritional needs. While only bottled water is permitted on the actual tour, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks into the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Concessions are available for purchase on-site as well.

Recommended Dress
Visitors are reminded that they are visiting a site of tremendous loss of life in service to our country. Sandals are permissible, but bathing suits or profane T-shirts are discouraged.

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Originally posted by ohok
I did a search but am having trouble finding a thread touching on the best way to get down to the USS Arizona Memorial if doing it yourself and NOT in a tour group 1) should we take a shuttle or cab?
My wife and I went to Pearl Harbor from the Golden Princess docked at Aloha Tower. We wanted to get there early so we took a taxi. There is a taxi stand right outside the terminal. Everyone was going to Pearl Harbor. Honolulu has a lot of 7 passenger minivan taxis. The driver filled up his van with 7 people, and off we went. The fare came to $5 a person, tip included. We were there at 8AM, and got tour tickets for 8:15AM. We were very pleased with that.

When we left, we walked up to the street and turned left. There is a city bus stop right there that took us back into downtown Honolulu for $2.50 a person. We had a quick Plate Lunch downtown, then walked to Iolani Palace and took a tour there. Then we hopped on another bus right across the street and took it out to Waikiki Beach. We did all this and were still back on the ship by 6PM for dinner.
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Originally posted by doctoranna
The website says that if you don't get there an hour ahead they will give away your tickets.
Is there a limit to how early you can collect the ticket? We have an excursion booked for the morning, and I wanted to book a ticket for Pearl Harbor in the afternoon, but we don't get back to the ship until 1.15pm, and the latest tour currently available is at 2.30pm. I could collect the ticket before the excursion (it starts at 9.45am) if that's possible, otherwise I'd have to miss it - we were originally going to go on the second day, with an airport drop-off, but American Airlines have brought our flight forward from 9pm to 12.15pm, so we won't have time - plus we'd have luggage, etc.
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Cheers, Tricia

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We want to hit the Swap Mert/Flea Mkt after our PH tour --- which bus would we take and about how far is it ??
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I thought I posted a thank you the other day, thanks to those who answered my ? re: taxi vs cab.
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