What's the 1st thing you do?

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Cruise Rituals
Not voo-doo...but what do YOU do?
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The Great State of Oklahoma
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Joined Jun 2007
haven't been on this site for a few years but i remember reading a thread similar. had some great replies. looked but couldn't find it so I'll just start this one!

for me it is a mimosa ASAP!
South Central OK
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Joined Sep 2007
VERY first thing - punch a hole in our S&S cards & put them on the lanyards I'll have in my bag!

It's been a few years since I've been on a cruise, and this is the first w/my husband, so I'm just excited about seeing what he thinks when he gets on the ship! I just remember my first cruise on the Ecstacy and I thought THAT was a big ship! My second was on the Conquest - much bigger and this one on the Magic which is even bigger! Its gonna be fun to explore and see it all new through my husband's eyes! I've been wanting him to cruise with me for a long time! We'll be celebrating our 35th anniversary on this cruise. Can. Not. Wait!

When I cruised w/our daughter, we usually spent the first day exploring, playing putt-putt, EATING, and getting the free spa massages!

PS: I see you are an Okie too!
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Cozumel - Chankanaab Park, Shopping at Pier

CARNIVAL MAGIC - January 2014, 2nd Floor Cove Balcony Review w/pictures: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1983923 and Magic Review here:
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The Great State of Oklahoma
99 Posts
Joined Jun 2007
Okie all the way! We will be cruising with Carnival for the first time. Have always gone with Holland and Celebrity so I have a feeling this is going to be an entirely new experience.

We're a group of 8 celebrating a 50th birthday. Really looking forward to seeing what the 4 that have never been on a ship before think of everything.

Congrats on the 35th anniversary!
Safe Travels
Dallas, Texas
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Joined Nov 2009
  • First thing I do is verify our dining time, and make sure all in our group have the same time and table (or tables next to each other if we need more than one table). If not correct, we go to the dining room to get it corrected.
  • Next thing is to see if the cabin is ready. If so, we drop off our carry-ons.
  • Next is to wash our hands thoroughly.
  • Then we go to lunch. On RCI honey-stung chicken is a tradition the first day. (And it was really good on our 2 Mariner OTS cruises.) Once instead we went to Cafe Promenade for lunch.
  • The if our grandkids are with us, we all go to Adventure Ocean (the kids area) and sign them in. That way we can have sign-in/sign-out rights for the grandkids (as well as the parents and any other adults or older children the parents want).
  • Then we go to the cabin if it was not ready before lunch and drop off our carry-ons.
  • Then we make the beauty shop appointment for my wife, usually the afternoon of the 2nd formal night.
  • Then on RCI we usually go to the Viking Crown (the semi-circle glass area above and behind the main pool) and wait for the muster drill. While there I check out the show schedule and live music for the first night. Often there is only one show the first night, squeezed in between the two fixed dining times. RCI sometimes has a late night parade too. So I make my evening/night plans.
  • After the muster drill, we go to the cabin to see if our luggage has been dropped off. It usually has, and we start unpacking.
  • My vacation officially starts once I have unpacked all of our luggage.
  • And of course we start making our contribution to the ship's casino once it is open.
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The Great State of Oklahoma
99 Posts
Joined Jun 2007
i generally consider myself on vacation the moment i punch out from work that last day. i've always been a little obsessive about the whole unpacking thing and getting things put away before the fun begins.

the past couple of trips i've gone with the "i'll do it later" philosophy and that seems to be working for me!

i have to agree with the donation at the casino asap! sorry to say the first of many.
British Columbia
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Joined Oct 2004
Look for luggage, and check the muster drill time.

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Seattle, WA USA
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Joined May 2010
Go to the cabin, then tour the ship and go "WOW" alot and ususally get a little lost and are just fine with that! But I am thinking might have to try that mimosa first idea!!!
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Pennsylvania, USA
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Joined Apr 2011
First, a quick coctail on the Lido deck
Second, make a trip to the MDR to request a table for 2 and verify time
Third, head to the gym and sign up for yoga class, they fill up very quickly
and finally....begin to enjoy the beautiful surroundings
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Kent, Wa. (Seattle area)
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Joined Jul 2010
Oh wow. I'm so excited to be thinking about this. First thing we do once we get on the ship is head to our cabin, drop off our carry-ons, and head out to "explore" the ship and grab some lunch. Can't wait to be doing this is just a few short weeks!!

This time, since it is a much longer cruise than we have ever taken, I may make a point of reserving some spa days and secure some internet time. Want to take advantage of those embarkation sales prices.
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Sidney, MT
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Joined Sep 2006
The very first thing the DW and I do is head to the cabin to drop off the carry on then straight to the Lido deck for lunch and a Margirita.
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Easton, Pennsylvania
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Question about muster drill on carnival ships? do you need to take a life vest from your room with you ?I know on RCL, we went to our room to get the vest and carried them around with us...
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Nashville, TN
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Joined Jan 2002
We go to the lido deck for lunch and have someone take a picture of us, then we go to the cabin and take a picture of ourselves in the cabin mirror then go exploring our new home!!
Marietta, GA
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Joined Mar 2011
I can unpack as much as I can...gotta hang up those dresses....

Explore, check again on the rest of luggage, find that PERFECT bar that you call your own for the rest of the cruise, check again for the luggage,
and then when the luggage has finally arrived, complete the unpacking, get another drink and do the sail away from our balcony.

Then nap and a relaxing unwind time for our first dinner.

Too much fun...can't wait!
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Tampa Bay, Florida
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Joined Jan 2010
First thing I do is turn off the cell phones and lock them up for the week... then grab a tropical drink and find a lounge chair by the pool.

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...and that's a Champagne toast with the good stuff - not the cheap stuff some cruise lines try to pass-off as Champagne. A bottle sure makes the unpacking task a LOT more fun!
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Kwaj girl
Bedford, Ohio
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Joined Apr 2011
Originally posted by thunter1224
Question about muster drill on carnival ships? do you need to take a life vest from your room with you ?I know on RCL, we went to our room to get the vest and carried them around with us...
Nope not anymore. They have them to be handed out if you need to get on the lifeboat
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As I never take more than two small suitcases, when I cruise, I carry them on board myself, and if my room is ready, I drop them off in my room and go up to the buffet for lunch.

They normally have peel 'n' eat shrimp for that first lunch on board, and as shrimp is one of my favorite dishes, and peel 'n' eat shrimp is one of my favorite ways to eat it. I try never to miss lunch on that first day.

If my room is not ready, I try to find a place to read till my room is ready, then I drop my suitcases off in the room, and go up to the buffet for lunch.

And repeat second paragraph.
Acworth, GA
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Joined Feb 2011
Head to the Lido deck for a fresh DOD! . Then check on our room to drop off carry on, then explore the ship.

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