U.S. Passport Renewal - Our Experience!

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Originally posted by phoenix_dream
Celebrity's website says that they expect passports valid six months or longer. Whether they always enforce that rule, or monitor it for just when it applies I do not know. But if it were me, I would definitely get mine renewed if it were less than 6 months for that reason alone. Canada is technically not a country that requires the six months, nor does the US, but since the Celebrity website states it, then I would not want to take the risk. All cruises from the US stop in a foreign country (in this case Canada) due to some kind of maritime sailing rules about which I am no expert.

When renewing my son's passport recently, the turn-around time was just a couple of weeks. I guess it just all depends on the volume when you submit it. Would like to think it's our government improving processes, but the cynical part of me thinks a better explanation is that since the economy is still struggling fewer people can afford to travel so fewer are applying for passports. I am thankful that despite set-backs we can still fit a cruise or two into our budget (although we are more likely to downsize our cabin choice - sigh.......,)

While I am not recommending travel on passports with less than six months validity, I have used a passport with about five months validity on a Celebrity Med. cruise. It was fine for all of the Schengen countries, as well as Turkey.
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Originally posted by Steph27
@Bocaroo - thank you so much for posting. I need to send our passports to Philadelphia to add extra pages. Been reluctant to do it but need to get "a move on" since we will be sending it to a visa service for a China visa in a couple months. You give me hope that perhaps the 4-6 week estimate for processing might be faster. Did you get an email notifying you of the progress or did the passport just arrive without notification? Since you used Express Mail perhaps you had a heads up?
I just sent in my passport for both extra pages and a Chinese visa. It took 8 days for the pages and 8 days for the visa. I still have 6 years left on my passport, so I opted to get 48 pages added in since it's the same cost as 24 pages. I probably won't need that many, but since I was already sending it, why not?
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I just renewed an expired passport. I mailed it from Albuquerque by priority mail on August 1st, the passport was issued August 20, it was mailed back by priority mail. The old passport was mailed back separately. I was out of town when the passports arrived and picked them up at my P. O. box on August 31.
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If anyone is interested in the current time it takes for renewals...

Just renewed my passport in January, Sent it in via "regular" mail on January 8th and received the new one back on January 29th, so about 3 weeks is the current wait time. My old one arrived two days later.
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Also sent my husband's the first week of January and we got it back Jan.31. Thanks so much for letting us know the old one will be returned as well. My husband had an international job pre-retirement and was hoping to keep it as memoriabilia for all the countries he traveled to. At one point he had to have pages added because so many were filled with visas. He'll be very happy to know it will be returned.
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My husband's renewed passport was returned in 15 days, mailed in mid-December.

I love the pages in the new passport - great pictures in background.