Nashville Tn

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Pendleton, Indiana
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There is also Indiana resident rate on certain cruises.
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Music City
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Originally posted by Banditswife
Sounds good, don't know what a goo goo cluster is, but anything with goo should be good. We are actually headed to Chattanooga. We do fly in to BNA tho. Question-- why are car rentals so high at the airport? Something about a parking fee or something. I don't want to park it, I want to drive it off the lot. And we are thinking about taking a river cruise. I am as excited for TN as I am for my upcoming cruise.
I have no idea why rentals are expensive. Maybe not so much competition? A Goo-Goo Cluster is a candy made here in Nashville. Marshmallow, caramel, peanuts, covered in chocolate. They've been a sponsor of the Grand Ole Opry forever. (Deluxe version has pecans instead of peanuts.)

Downtown in the District is really a fun place, especially weekends. They are filming the new ABC show "Nashville" around town right now. Keith Urban is in town, going to do some classes with high school students this week at the Hall of Fame. You can "people" watch at the Green Hills Mall, as well as shop at upscale stores like Tiffany's, Nordstroms, eat at Cheesecake Factory, etc. The famous Bluebird Cafe is just down the street from there. It's a little hole in the wall in a strip mall that on any given night might have someone really famous trying out new material. And the Titans are playing on Sunday against the Patriots, I think. Lots to do here in our little town!
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Memphis Area, TN
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Originally posted by Banditswife
Hey ya'll, we'll be in Nashville next week. Saw the title of this thread & had to check it out. SW airlines had some great airfares for Nashville too. I wonder what is going on. I wonder if I can plead residency if we are only there for 5 days. I wish they'd offer specials for KS.

Nashville, we are on our way.
I was once told by my PVP that they will use whatever mailing address you have on file. Not sure why as its all done on-line now.

If you have family or friends in a state with a resident rate. Change your address for a while.
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Don & Renee
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St. Charles, MO
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Carnival is running radio ads here in St. Louis now as well. The ad is a special for STL residents cruising out of NOLA. Been hearing them for a couple weeks now.

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Kirkland, IL
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We recently had one for Illinois and when I heard about the sale I checked into the rates but it was cheaper just to book Early Saver.
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NW Alabama
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I would be considered a World Traveler by most standards. But, I'm always looking for places never visited before.

But I'm not using Early Booking on any cruise. The anticipation of waiting that long to leave would run me crazy.

I like to do things on a whim--with little notice. Life is more interesting that way. I only go on trips are a bargain, and frugal travel allows me to go on twice as many vacations. Where neighbors spend their vacations on the beach in Florida, I'm in Europe--or on another cruise--for the same money or less.
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It's just an ad to generate interest in resident rates in different markets...

Keith will be at the Opry this week. So, usually Nicole can be found in the Green Hills area shopping, eating, and doing yoga.
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Originally posted by Vitality08
Had to click on this thread because I'll be in Nashville for 5 days starting next week. I'm excited.

I've been doing research on things to do but can anyone recommend any must see sights or restaurants?
Check out all the "honkey-tonks" downtown and also go to Printers Alley for some great never may see the next Kenny Chesney there.

Also go to Loveless Cafe for some of the best southern cooking around....especially breakfast. The ham and biscuits are AMAZING! But go early unless you dont mind waiting. A lot of history at this restraunt. I lived in Nashville for 10 years and this was my favorite place to take visitors to get a taste of Nashville and southern food.

But there are a bunch of locally owned dives around town that are excellent for hot chicken or bbq.

Many will suggest the Pancake Pantry downtown...but to me it was ehh. I'd rather go to IHOP with no wait and half the price.
Millington, TN
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Originally posted by KroozFoolz
Don't know anything about the Nashville deal, but for several weeks now when I go to the Carnival homepage, it's been promoting Tennessee resident rates for cruises leaving out of NOLA (still weren't better than early saver rates). I haven't had any TN resident rates show for cruises leaving from other ports that I have looked at (Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami).
When I logged on to Carnival recently I saw the same. I thought it was kinda says "HI TENNESSEE", and then gives the info!!
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They have been running the same ad for Memphis, TN. When I checked, the Early Saver rate was cheaper.
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Gayle & Bennie
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Thanks for the tavel tips for Nashville everyone. I apologize for getting this thread off track. Happy sailing, I will check out cruise fares out of Nola for next year.
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Originally posted by Bamaman1
I would be considered a World Traveler by most standards. But, I'm always looking for places never visited before.

But I'm not using Early Booking on any cruise. The anticipation of waiting that long to leave would run me crazy.

I like to do things on a whim--with little notice. Life is more interesting that way. I only go on trips are a bargain, and frugal travel allows me to go on twice as many vacations. Where neighbors spend their vacations on the beach in Florida, I'm in Europe--or on another cruise--for the same money or less.
I did book early saver for our Breeze cruise next year but I also like last minute travel. That's how we are going to Paris for fall break. Booked just 7 weeks from travel for ridiculously low airfare out of Atlanta. We have to drive and park but it is so worth it. Croissants and pan au chocolat from Miss Manon beat WCMC any day.
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