Second thoughts about stroller

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Katy/West Houston, TX
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How about an Uppa Baby GLuxe? Very like the Maclaren Triumph, but I believe it reclines further and it has a much bigger canopy! It's been our regular stroller forever (I got so tired of wrangling with my Chicco Cortina). It folds up super small, only weighs 11 pounds, and has a shoulder strap for carrying. I've managed carrying it, my son, and his diaper bag when boarding a bus with very little hassle.
Nashville, TN
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Originally posted by HALrunner
Go with your gut! The wheels on the Vista are still smaller than a wheelchair, so there should be plenty of room on the ship Sleeping/naps can be a hard adjustment while traveling (but SO important), if your DD sleeps great in your Vista- Take it!!!

I was thinking this exact same thing! Having a baby that will sleep in a stroller will add so much to your vacation.

This was at the top of the thread...didn't see the orginal posting date.
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Houston, TX
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I love my Chicco Liteway. It lays completely flat and my almost 1 yr old naps comfortably in it.
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I'm glad to hear you like the Chicco Liteway! I'm going to buy one this week. We have a bugaboo frog which is awesome, but collapses in two parts, which may be difficult to gate check and store in the room. I hope my 2 yo DD will like it!
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Originally posted by cb at sea
There is MUCH more walking on a ship than at home. Bring the stroller...any stroller. You will be happy you did.
I totally disagree. I hate travelling with a stroller, even though we used it regularly at home.
If shore excursions are your concern, either bring the regular stroller or a baby carrier. Keep in mind most ports are not as stroller friendly as the US and Canada, so while the stroller can sound like a good idea in theory, in practice it can be a royal pita!
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Cliffwood Beach, NJ
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Originally posted by PaTeet
I'm glad to hear you like the Chicco Liteway! I'm going to buy one this week. We have a bugaboo frog which is awesome, but collapses in two parts, which may be difficult to gate check and store in the room. I hope my 2 yo DD will like it!
Our last cruise was in may 2011 and my DD was 6 months at the time. I had the same dilemma. We have the uppa baby vista and I was was concerned about the size. It is a large and heavy stroller. With a lot of research we ended up purchasing the Chico liteway just for the trip. It was a life saver. It was super lite and had a canopy. It also folds down flat making it very easy for babies to go to sleep. I also think that the storage underneather was fairly large compared to most umbrella strollers. It was really great for walks in port.

At that point my daughter still was not sleeping through the night and it was hard to get her to go to sleep, so we got very familiar with the jogging track at night. Lol.

It was a bit pricey compared to most umbrella strollers but it is definitely beefed up and worth it. It has since become our stroller of choice for traveling. It has been checked on numerous flights without any damage.
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The Maclaren Triumph umbrella is perfect for travel. Versatile, durable, reclines, and super light!!!! They're expensive, but we bought one really cheap off Craig's List (it was almost new!) for our cruise when our son was 4.... It comfortably fit our large 4 year old, so it will last you. Obviously, he could walk at 4, but it was great for waiting at the airport and when he was exhausted during port excursions.
New Joizey
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The first time we took one of our kids on a cruise, we took the primary stroller... Forgive me, but it was 10+ years ago when my eldest was 3 and we left his younger brother with the grandparents.

Anyway, the primary stroller was a big monster with a lap tray and cup holder... the full 9 yards... and it was cumbersome (folded flat)

On subsequent cruises, we took a MacLaren... something that had a canopy, recline, and folded up umbrella style. It was less cumbersome and REALLY made cruising with 2 then 3 kids much more tenable.

I used to miss the days when we had the convenient stroller with us to hang all our bags off of when wandering around a port of call, but now the kids are a bit older, so it's not missed as much.
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We got an i'coo pluto for our cruise in Jan, our LO will be 7 months old. It folds down really small and is really light but so comfy to push, we have been using it around here for the past couple months. It reclines quite flat, has a decent basket and a HUGE sunshade. It's like the cadillac of umbrella strollers but if you buy a colour that is from their older collection you can find them for around $100.