If any could answer the following questions in regards to the Radiance and New Caledonia it would be greatly appreciated.

1) Should we take our own snorkelling gear and if so do we need flippers?
2) Has anybody been to a beach restaurant called LE KOU-GNY on the Isle of Pines? How do we get there, as I believe it is near ORO BAY.
3) Do they have theme nights on the Radiance such as Country and Western, Hawaiian etc. If so how many could we expect on an 8 night cruise?
4) What is the best form of transportation to get to BAIE DES CITRONS in NOUMEA, and can anyone recommend places to eat?
5) What would the shop trading hours be on a Saturday in Noumea?
6) How formal is formal night on Australian cruises?
Many thanks, look forward to your responses