I Killed the Travelscoot Battery

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Henderson, NV
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Well, almost. I did a stupid thing last weekend. I went out to the theater, and when I got home, it was late. In order to remove the Travelscoot from my auto, I have to leave the garage door open, so I decided to leave it in the trunk until the next day. I forgot to remove the battery and bring it into the house.

Well, it got down to 33ºF that night/early morning. Don't let anybody tell you Las Vegas is always hot :>) By the time I got the battery out, it was ice cold!

Something told me it was dead, and that I had learned an expensive lesson. I decided to attempt to warm it up gradually before I tried to charge it. I placed it on my velour comforter, and covered it with a lush throw. I turned it over every five hours or so for three days, stroking it and talking to it nicely

It finally seemed warmer, so I charged it yesterday. It took a charge, thank heavens! And today I placed it back on the scooter, and the meter shows a green charge light.

So my scare was a cheap lesson, thank heavens. I will always carry the battery bag with me so I remember to remove the battery even if I don't bring the scooter in immediately.

Just sharing so none of you have to go through that this winter.

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Mesa, AZ
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Not only does the cold weather run the battery down but leaving it plugged into the scooter will also run the battery down. The circuit board in the motor draws current even when the scooter is turned off. I measured mine and it draws 27 milliamps. That's per hour. It's not much but will add up over a couple days.