Can I buy mukluks? Where??

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I'd love to buy a pair of authentic mukluks while in AK. Will I have better options while on my inland cruisetour, or in ports during the cruise??
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Authentic mukluks come from the arctic, but are sold throughout Alaska. Look for a shop that sells genuine native handicrafts. Anchorage is probably your best bet and if you have a car try the Auxillary craft shop at the Native Health Center. Traditional mukluks are made from seal skin, but I have seen some made from cowhide or other materials.
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I don't really shop much in the ports, except at the end of the year when everything's 50% off. I get my native-made stuff at the Native Arts festival or AFN. Maybe Murray, Bearbait, AK Angel, or BQ would know somewhere?
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These are Alaska native mukluks

These are canadian "fashion" mukluks

Alaskan mukluks can be worn outdoors on snow only, as they don't have a firm sole. The other mukluks have a sole for general outdoor use.
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There is a fur store in Ketchikan. They are part of one of the bigger chains
in Anchorage. I want to say it's just a couple of doors down from Mailboxes Etc.
I just don't remember if they have mukluks though. Everyone else has better
advice. Anchorage is where I buy that stuff. An even better deal can be had
in Nome. That's where you can get it direct from the source. You just don't
find many people in southeast Alaska wearing mukluks because of all the rain....
It just came to me David Green Furriers and also you might check upstair in
the Salmon Landing Market at Alaska Fur Gallery, he carries all kinds of stuff
like that and might just have a pair.
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Mukluks are available in many different syles and material, as each group of people (not only Eskimo, Athapaskan, Aleut, etc, but each community) has its own style. Genuine mukluks are seldom seen in stores - they are normally custom-made. There are two major reasons for that: (#1) they are very expensive and few people are willing to pay $350-600 for something they can seldom or never wear; (#2) the number of pairs needed to satisfy the range of styles and sizes would be huge (also see #1). Where can you find someone to custom make a pair for you? Any Native craft shop will know who to contact in the area. Cheap knock-offs, however, are available quite widely. Even the general store in Carcross sells "Athapaskan-style" mukluks made in Saskatchewan - very inferior in style and construction, but 1/4 the price of the Real McCoy.

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Wolfie, Bearbait, and Yukon...
Thank you for the valuable info. Wolfie, I didn't know I so fashion-forward thinking in my desire to have a pair of mukluk! Of course, if Paris Hilton is into them, that makes me not want them anymore! (I was at least a year ahead of the Ugg boots craze--I'd already seen, liked and bought some long before they became "cool." Hmmm, maybe I should go into a fashion-fad career...Nah, too boring.) I digress. Anyway, thanks again. I'll keep my eyes peeled while on vacation in your beeyoutifool state! If I don't find any muks then, I see I can always get them on the 'net!
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There is also a fur store- if still there on 2nd in Skagway, just past and across the street from the Red Onion. On the way to the laundry or course.
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