2013 Cruise Ship Schedule

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The Bermuda 2013 Cruise Ship Schedule has been posted at http://www.marineandports.bm/Documen...20Dec%2018.pdf

Contract cruise ship visits in 2013 are down 36 visits vs 2011 & 2012.

This is how I would break it down:
2012 Explorer/Enchantment, in 2013, Explorer/Grandeur, -14 visits;
2012 Star/Dawn, in 2013, Breakaway/Dawn, -3 visits;
2012 Veendam, in 2013, no visits, -19 visits.

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Thanks for the schedule!
Oh and what dock. Are they expanding or building a new one in Dockyard?
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Braintree, MA
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Hmm. Should have kept scrolling! Thanks again!
I always tell Ed no matter what you need or want to know about cruising (or practically anything for that matter!) just check CC!
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Nice to see the Breakaway will be the only ship in port when we go in September
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