Austrailian Sim Card

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Houston, TX
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We will be taking a Queensland Cruise followed by a b2b cruise from Sydney to Honolulu. I have purchased a Sim card from Austrailia and cannot find a link to ask this question:

If I purchase a prepaid sim card from Migration Experts in Austrailia, and, I am cruising from Sydney to Honolulu, can I use the sim card to call the U.S. from New Zealand and Bora Bora, Papaeete and Morea at the same low rates as using the phone in Austrailia?

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you.

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The short answer is no. We are separate countries with separate systems. The longer answer is that if you have international roaming, depending on the carrier you have chosen, they will work - but at a high cost. Secondly if you have an iPhone, they can be dangerously high in charges. What your solution will be I will leave to experts in travelling the South Pacific, I only have experience in using my Aus sim in NZ, and I kept calls to a minimum and short. If I had wanted to use my phone more extensively I would have purchased a local sim.

If you can find wifi, there are apps you can use that allow you to make calls very cheaply.
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I'm on the Queensland cruise, and I plan to buy a SIM card at Sydney Airport (or cheaper place) after we land. I have a old flip phone that should work. I'll leave the Iphone at home. that data roaming is costly.
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Houston, TX
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I purchased my Sim Card when I purchased my Visa. It cost $20 and calls that you make are deducted from the $20, so basicly the Sim card is free. Rates were very low, even to the U.S. with the card.

They must subsidise phone services in Austrailia.

They also said to check with your phone company to see if they have to
do something to you phone so that you can use the Austrailia Sim Card.

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Floridatraveler, you know you can turn data roaming off and, thus, not incur any international data charges, right? You simply do it from your settings menu, and you can turn it on and off at will. And even with data roaming off, you can still access data when on a wifi network. No reason to leave the iPhone at home.