Little Stirrup Cay vs Half Moon Cay

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My Oct cruise was changed from Key West to Little Stirrup Cay (LSC). I love Half Moon Cay (HMC) but didn't want to do that itinerary in October since we'll be there in May. I guess I'm still not going to Half Moon Cay or Key West either. LOL!

On one hand I've heard people say LSC is a step above HMC and on the other hand, people have said they like HMC better then LSC. I've never been to LSC so I'll just have to see for myself in October.
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Originally posted by curious_st
Thinking about booking on Fascination, and I am looking for input on these 2 ports.
I like LSC a little more but they are very very similar... I also have had better luck getting into HMC, but I am not sure how frequently HMC is missed (I missed LSC 3 of last 4 tries).
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I've been to both ports.. and it all depends on what you want.

I think HMC is a bit more of a secluded, private island.. while Little Stirrup is a bit more populated and lively.
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I like Half moon Cay better the beach area is better you can swim out several feet before it gets too deep. RCCL's island the beaches seemed more crowded and smaller.
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I have been to both (Coco Cay and Half Moon Cay). I can't get used to calling it Little Stirrup. Personally, I like Half Moon better. It is a more natural setting with a great shoreline, great water. The sand on the beach and in the water is soft and smooth. I remember Coco Cay being somewhat rocky in the water, a bit like Grand Turk. Both are quite nice.

I believe that HMC is further south than CC. Depending upon the time of year, water temperature could be a factor.
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Originally posted by curious_st
Thinking about booking on Fascination, and I am looking for input on these 2 ports.
I have been to both but it's been 9 years since i have been to Little Stirrup Cay. All i can say is that i loved both, however the snorkeling directly from the beach was better at Little Stirrup Cay, did not see any fish at all at HMC. If snorkeling is of no importance, you cant go wrong with either really but i am partial to HMC. If you like to snorkel, go with Little Stirrup Cay, there are many fish to see and there are other things to seek out, like a little "ship wreck" and "sunken stuff." Nothing like that at HMC.

Edited to agree that HMC seems less crowded and most certainly less rocky. At Little Stirrup Cay you can find an isolated area as you go around the island but it's not swimable, too rocky.
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Coco Cay has more shade and better snorkling.

Half Moon Cay has the nicest and softest sands.

Both are very good.
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There is an island right next to Coco Cay, it is Great Stirrup Cay. This is NCL's private island.
I prefer HMC over Coco Cay. Last year in HMC we had fish swimming around us. The water is clearer there. Last Dec. in Coco Cay I could see a bunch of rays swimming near the shore.
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I'd like to try CoCo Cay and since we've only sailed on Carnival, this would be a good way to do it.

(Disclaimer - Just because we've only sailed Carnival does not mean I will not try other lines)
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HMC is one of the best ports.
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