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Disabled Cruise Travel
Cruisers with physical limitations share their advice & experiences.
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Originally posted by Fiona 2
Hi You have just summed up the problems that disabled passengers are facing. The cruise lines always site either cost or health and safety as the reason for not doing anything. My reason for starting this post is to try and get members to realise that until we all make our voices heard by contacting the companies direct they will continue to ignore us and do nothing. Any suggestions from anyone as to how we members can take matters forward would be most welcome.
My dad hasn't taken his first cruise yet, we leave in a few days. I have plenty of notes on the booking process, availability, and pricing already, but I'm planning on waiting until I see how it actually goes before I try to detail particular issues - I'm hopeful but not entirely confident that this gentleman was able to have the pertinent information sent to the correct people onboard. I'm sure I'll also have some feedback regarding shipwide accessibility when we return as well.

Anyway, I think an early step here should be to brainstorm to create a list of policy concerns and recurring issues.

I'm not sure if a traditional petition is the best solution, though with social media being as powerful as it is, a well written petition might be the way to present a few carefully chosen points. In general, I'd lean more towards us creating 'sound bytes' for many of the common issues and points of contention, and allowing/encouraging people to either cut and paste or rewrite the portions they feel strongly about - to be sent to, well, everyone. It would be simple to set up a website that populates a form letter with your chosen issues and automatically emails it to all the pertinent folks, but I guess that gets into the links grey area.

Regardless, I know CC can't/won't sanction a petition, but it doesn't appear they mind us cobbling together a list of the sorts of things we'd PUT on the theoretical petition.
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I had so many problems booking accessible rooms in hotels despite talking to hotel managers, etc. that I finally went to the US Dept. of Justice. They accepted my sons case based on discrimination. Sometimes you just have to go to the top
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Hi Virga, i think that setting up something is a good idea , but not sure a list with all common problems would be workable, i would think that it would be more workable if a petition just concentrated on one subject at a time, chosen from posts that have been submitted, for example like the post you went on " Do they think HC persons have no family" this could then be brought up as a individual problem to tackle ? I don't know myself how to set up a web page and u would also need help to manage/run the page. I am quite happy to help out with the running of it. Do you think something could be set up?
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We could conduct a poll that lists 5 or 6 frequently discussed concerns and prioritize the items to address by the poll results.

On our way to FLL for our Silhouette cruise to the Western Caribbean.
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A poll seems a good idea to me, what do other members think?

We need to do something to try and get the cruise lines to take notice of what is needed to help make it easier for disabled travellers.
Perth Western Austrtalia
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Originally posted by Fiona 2
A poll seems a good idea to me, what do other members think?

We need to do something to try and get the cruise lines to take notice of what is needed to help make it easier for disabled travellers.
We are just back from a longish cruise around South America on the Grand Princess and the Travelscoot made my husband's life just great on board. We kept the travelscoot in our stateroom at night and it certainly takes up no more room than a folding wheelchair. I am still perplexed at P & O UK's policy on motorised scooters etc. and intend to write to the CEO. The agent handling our booking for our September 2013 cruise on the Azura states that P & O (UK) will not allow us to take the Travelscoot on board as we are not in a disabled cabin or a suite. Even when I asked if we could take it on board and store it for port use we were told this was not allowed and basically it was our problem. We were going to change to Princess but the agent said we would lose our deposit if we did that and weren't interested in transferrring us to a more accommodating cruise line like Princess.
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Hi joankiara, the more people that contact them the more chance we have of getting changes made.P&O's CEO is David Dingle and MD is Carol Marlow .
Strange how Princess allow scooters in standard cabins and yet P&O dont even though they are both part of Carnival UK, can't use ADA as excuse because P&O are quoting health and safety as reason..