Leaving Kids on Ship in Port

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Originally posted by kitkat343
Actually, this raises an interesting question. Since the cruise ship tracks everyone entering and leaving the boat, what would they do if parents were missing and they knew a child sharing their cabin was in the kid center? Would they leave the child at the port with the offshore cruise representatives or keep the child in the kid center? I've never thought about this, since my son is too little to stay at the kid center by himself.
I have been on a ship when this happened. There were two families and the parents all went off on a private tour and didn't make it back to the ship. Of course, the ship left without them and the kids were left alone for two days until the next port of call. There were four kids left on the ship, one a 25 month old and the rest under the age of 10. They were assigned full time babysitters and from what I understand, the charges to the parents were HUGE as they had to pay by the hour----- a total of about 42 hours, per child, and at night, they had two babysitters for two kids, for a total of 4 babysitters for the kids.
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Thank you so much for your replies Lisa and Kitty9. That will help us make an informed decision when our son is old enough to be left in the kid center.
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I have left all 4 of my kids ssinf in Disney in the eastern Carr. , never did have any problems all kids 5&7. We didn't do an excursion and left our cell numbers w the staff. Only gone also 3-5 hrs max sometimes. This is our first w med on the epic kids r now 7-9 will leave them maybe in Naples it will depend on how the kids program is etc etc

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Provided my kids wanted to go to the kids club, I wouldn't hesitate in going ashore while they stayed on board.
Last cruise we went to South Pacific and they found the ports a little 'hot and boring' apart from the beach, so we would take them to the beach if they wanted to go, but they asked to stay in the kids club a couple of times and we got to walk around for a few hours in port without all the moaning! LOL.

I guess you'll have to see how it all pans out when you get there, it can be hard to predict whether kids will want to spend time in the kids program or not. I was actually surprised at how excited ours got about it - they would study the daily schedules and pretty well tell us what they were doing - it was great. They also made friends and spent a lot of time with them which was nice. But some kids don't like it, and I guess you have to be prepared for that too.
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I think this also depends on the kid. Do they like being in the club for long periods of time?

We left our kids while we went parasailing in Catalina. We were only gone from the ship for 2 hours though. We also had

The problem isn't "will the ship leave" in most cases but just if something little happens at the camp. ie, kid falls, wants to be with you for comfort. They spend a few hours being upset. They'll survive.

My son once fell on the Disney Wonder in the kid's club and I was with him. I don't know if anyone would have noticed if I wasn't there.
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To me it would depend on what you had planned for "date day". I would be comfortable leaving them on the ship if I were not going very far/long into port. For instance wandering around Old San Juan or visiting 6 mile beach in Grand Cayman I'd be okay with since I could get back anytime I felt like it, wouldn't be gone terribly long, and extremely unlikely I'd miss the ship. I wouldn't be comfortable going on a long involved excursion with them on board. Just my .02

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Well, I have done it. Twice on our last cruise. I did ask the kids to come with me but they wanted to stay in the kids club. I did not want to drag reluctant kids around with me nor did I want to miss an exciting port and stay on the ship just because they would rather play.

Like Mia I am a single mom and we basically have no relatives. So every time I go to the grocery store there is the (hopefully very slight) chance that something could happen to me. If something ever did happen, having the kids safe and sound at the kids club would not be the worst situation.

That said I would not go off the ship if there was a good chance that I might miss the ship and I wouldn't do any risky excursion (e.g. extreme sports etc.). Once I went on a half-day ship tour which was never more than maybe 40 minutes from the port (and there were many hours between our scheduled return and all aboard). The second time was in Dubai where I went on a sight-seeing tour on my own. However, the ship was staying in port overnight so again no real chance of missing the boat.

I really think it depends on the kids' ages, their personalities, and your own particular situation.